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Lady bird

#899 ( 2-8 March 2018 )
Sophia Pande
A classic American coming-of-age film about a young girl named Christine who insists on being called Lady Bird for the sake of her own individualit

Black Panther

#898 ( 23 Feb - 1 Mar 2018 )
Sophia Pande
Black Panther is as good as they get in terms of the Marvel cinematic universe thus far

The Cloverfield Paradox

#897 ( 16-22 February 2018 )
Sophia Pande
Equipped with gore, horror, thrills, secrets, and mysteries,the film never bores

The Age of Shadows

#896 ( 9-15 February 2018 )
Sophia Pande
The film is made as an ode to the resistance movement against the Japanese takeover over of Korea that stretched over decades in the early 20th Century

The Beguiled

#895 ( 2-8 Febrauary 2018 )
Sophia Pande
Watch The Beguiled if you want to support the smaller films that actually make cinema so much more interesting

The Big Sick

#894 ( 26 Jan - 1 Feb 2018 )
Sophia Pande
Encapsulating the essentials of love, familial and romantic, as well as the deep bond between parents and children, The Big Sick takes a trope and makes it real

Logan Lucky

#893 ( 19-25 January 2018 )
Sophia Pande
Logan Lucky is a surprise from beginning to end

Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle

#892 ( 12-18 January 2018 )
Sophia Pande
For those sick of mediocre sequels, this is not one of them.


#891 ( 5-11 January 2018 )
Sophia Pande
There is always a sense that we are watching a would-be ‘masterpiece,’ with Nolan intensely at the helm trying his damnedest to bring home an Oscar for making a film about a suitably heavy subject

Best of 2017

#890 ( 29 Dec 2017 - 4 jan 2018 )
Sophia Pande
In no particular order, here are five of the funniest, most entertaining films of 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

#889 ( 22-28 December 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Two and a half hours fly by with jokes, homages, great action sequences that are designed as set pieces but are so organic to the film that they fit right in

Murder on the Orient Express

#888 ( 15-21 December 2017 )
Sophia Pande
This is a great film for fans, but an even better one for those not acquainted with the great Hercule Poirot

Stranger things season 2

#887 ( 8-14 December 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The second season is pure pleasure because we finally have the time to get to know our characters better, even as creepy things start to stir

Justice League

#886 ( 1-7 December 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The thing that Justice League has going for it is that it is short and rather sweet at just two hours in length

Atomic Blonde

#885 ( 24-30 November 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Atomic Blonde is a fast, fun, and completely explosive, unapologetic ode to the kind of stylised violence that gets our adrenaline pumping

Thor: Ragnarok

#883 ( 10-16 November 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The seventeenth film in the Marvel universe and the third installation of the Thor series, Thor: Ragnarok is worth seeing

Viceroy’s House

#882 ( 3-9 November 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Viceroy’s House while not perfect, is a difficult, essential, reminder of what might happen to us.

Blade Runner 2049

#881 ( 27 Oct - 2 Nov 2017 )
Sophia Pande
While this is a good film it is not a great one, neither visually nor in terms of plot or introduction of new character

The Handmaid's Tale

#877 ( 22-28 September 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A sublime, sometimes nightmarish work of art, unlike any other I have seen before

Big little lies

#876 ( 15-21 September 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Big Little Lies is a longer, better version of Gone Girl and Wild, both wildly successful films
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