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Burma’s final solution

#884 ( 17-23 November 2017 )
Tapan Bose
The Rohingya have been fleeing persecution in Burma for decades

Modinomics falters

#881 ( 27 Oct - 2 Nov 2017 )
Pradumna B Rana
Are the Indian Prime Minister’s economic reforms on track or too slow? Find out in this preview of the author’s new book.

Responsibilities at home and abroad

#880 ( 20-26 October 2017 )
Tejshree Thapa
Nepal’s record on conflict-era cases does not inspire confidence in its role as a new member of the UN Human Rights Council

Shey-Phoksundo may soon become a bus park, rather than a national park

#879 ( 13-19 October 2017 )
Tshiring Lama
Shey-Phoksundo is used by outsiders and even the government mainly for revenue extraction rather than conservation

Responsibilities at Home and Abroad

#879 ( 13-19 October 2017 )
Tejshree Thapa
Kathmandu’s record on conflict-era cases does not add confidence in how it will vote as a new member of the UN human rights council.

We are what we eat

#877 ( 22-28 September 2017 )
Aruna Uprety

Eating green

#877 ( 22-28 September 2017 )
Bhawana Upadhyay
Nepal is blessed with an ideal climate range for various types of traditional and new vegetables: these have not been tapped fully

The South Asian cauldron

#877 ( 22-28 September 2017 )
Dominique Moisi

Does democracy deliver development?

#858 ( 12-18 May 2017 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
The jury is still out over which comes first: economic growth or an open society

Does democracy deliver development?

#857 ( 5-11 May 2017 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
The jury is still out over which comes first: economic growth or open society

Blood sisters

#844 ( 3-9 February 2017 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
Menstrual stigma is a manifestation of persistently unequal gender relations in Nepal

Saving one mother at a time

#837 ( 16-22 December 2016 )
Bikash Gauchan
Safe delivery in a district hospital in remote western Nepal highlights the importance of having trained family doctors

Join the Open Government Partnership

#835 ( 2-8 December 2016 )
Pranav Budathoki
Nepal might as well join this initiative, after all we have tried everything else to stop corruption


#830 ( 21-27 October 2016 )
Pradumna B Rana
Boycotting summits is not the answer, South Asian countries need to set aside politics and be more flexible to foster trade and connectivity

Power to women

#824 ( 2-8 September 2016 )
Bineeta Gurung
Male politicians still do not believe women to be as capable and deserving as themselves

Power to women

#823 ( 26 Aug - 1 Sep 2016 )
Bineeta Gurung
Male politicians still do not believe women to be as capable and deserving as themselves

Nobodies who are somebody

#817 ( 15-21 July 2016 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
What would the compensation be if Canadian nationals, not Nepali guards, had been killed in Kabul?

Identifying with identity

#816 ( 8-14 July 2016 )
Mukesh Jha
Calling Madhesis “dhoti” might still be a popular racial slur, but it doesn’t offend Madhesis anymore

Nobodies who are somebody

#816 ( 8-14 July 2016 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
What would be the compensation if Canadian nationals were killed instead of guards from Nepal in Kabul

Freedom is not free

#814 ( 24-30 June 2016 )
Samriddhi Rai
I was living a regular everyday life, then this happened … 

Engendering relief

#814 ( 24-30 June 2016 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
After the earthquake we need to rebuild better, not just houses but also lives

What about whataboutery?

#812 ( 10-16 June 2016 )
Bineeta Gurung
Identity politics is a divisive ideology that has outlived its usefulness

Future power house of South Asia

#810 ( 27 May - 2 June 2016 )
Sujit Acharya
The Nepal Power Investment Summit next week will send a message to the world that Nepal is ready for foreign investment in renewable energy projects.

It’s about us

#808 ( 13-19 May 2016 )
Puru Shah
… it’s not about Ansari, Dixit or Penner

Clampdown on dissent

#806 ( 29 Apr - 5 May 2016 )
Tapan Bose
The Commission that abuses its own authority

Just govern

#805 ( 22-28 April 2016 )
George Varughese
A border blockade and failure to get relief to earthquake survivors highlight Nepal’s sorry state

Deuba, Delhi and Oli

#799 ( 11-17 March 2016 )
Navin Jha
Something is brewing again in Kathmandu’s political cauldron after the Nepali Congress convention

Young, educated and unemployed

#796 ( 19-25 February 2016 )
Sangita Thebe-Limbu
Youth unemployment among university graduates in Nepal is three times higher than among those without education

The inevitable unraveling

#790 ( 8-14 January 2016 )
Jivesh Jha
The loose alliance of the Madhesi Front is fraying


#779 ( 9-15 October 2015 )
Bihari K Shrestha
Nepal is not landlocked, it is once again a victim of New Delhi’s attempt to flex its muscles
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