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For god's sake

#724 ( 12-18 September 2014 )
Religious tolerance in Nepal applies only as long as followers of other faiths do not challenge the ascendancy of Hinduism

In an unresponsive state

#721 ( 22-28 August 2014 )
There is a danger that resources meant for disaster relief will be spent on photo-ops for CA members in mid-western Nepal

On the sidelines of justice

#719 ( 8-14 August 2014 )
A gender-blind and victim insensitive TRC will be a futile exercise in picking at old wounds

Half truths, no justice

#717 ( 25-31 July 2014 )
The government didn’t even bother to send a representative for the funeral of the Dhanusha Five this week

The generation gap

#715 ( 11-17 July 2014 )
Nepal’s ageing political leadership is running out of time in more ways than one

Bye bye-elections

#713 ( 27 June - 3 July 2014 )
Allowing candidates to run from two constituencies is a waste of time and keeps power concentrated in the hands of a few top gerontocrats

Pause, play, repeat

#711 ( 13-19 June 2014 )
Consensus politics is critical given Nepal's deeply fractured polity, but losers can't always be choosers


#709 ( 30 May - 5 June 2014 )
In California or Kathmandu, the fundamental beliefs that engender atrocities against women are identical: the desire to use, control, and 'protect' their bodies

Communist cacophony

#707 ( 16-22 May 2014 )
Baburam Bhattarai’s call for democratisation in the UCPN(M) is not as benevolent as he makes it out to be

A Tarai test case

#705 ( 2-8 May 2014 )
Police firing at an exam centre in the Tarai and apathy of politicians make slogans about uplifting marginalised groups ring hollow

Playing on the back foot

#703 ( 18-24 April 2014 )
Cricket like politics is best started at the grassroots

Nuisance value as a strategy

#699 ( 21-27 March 2014 )
What do you expect from someone who still admires Mao and Stalin?

At the mercy of mercenaries

#696 ( 28 Feb - 6 Mar 2014 )
Protecting and rehabilitating the most vulnerable segments of society were never priorities for any of the past governments

Whose Home is it anyway?

#694 ( 14-20 February 2014 )
Sushil Koirala’s first of many hurdles is to untangle the Home Ministry knot

Back to square zero

#692 ( 31 Jan - 6 Feb 2014 )
For every step we take forward, we seem to take two back

Making a complete mess

#690 ( 17-23 January 2014 )

PR for PR

#687 ( 27 December - 2 Janauary 2014 )
Proportional Representation was supposed to give marginalised and underprivileged Nepalis a say, but the new CA will be more exclusive

A Nepali Nelson

#685 ( 13-19 December 2013 )
The wait for our own Madiba is going to be a long and grueling one

Sore losers

#682 ( 22-28 November 2013 )
There will be no third chance for Nepal’s leaders to set things right

Boys will be boys

#679 ( 1-7 November 2013 )
Pushing women into the CA through proportional representation and ignoring them in direct polls reeks of tokenism

Silenced by the state

#677 ( 11 - 24 October 2013 )
Banned documentary is a testimony to the serious war crimes that accompanied the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka

Combatants to captains

#672 ( 6-12 September 2013 )
“We made immense sacrifices to come this far, the parties too need to also sacrifice their self-interest for the greater good.”

Truth, justice, constitution

#670 ( 23-29 August 2013 )
Unless wartime ghosts are exorcised, an election will not be the end of the peace process

The Nepali make up

#668 ( 9-15 August 2013 )
Is our sense of Nepaliness so fragile that we need to get worked up about every perceived slight against our nationalism?

In the global blind spot

#665 ( 19-25 July 2013 )
Nepal is in serious need of rebranding and restoring self-esteem

Doomed to repeat it

#663 ( 5-11 July 2013 )
Our leaders haven’t learnt from history and are


#661 ( 21-27 June 2013 )
Social media spreads the message quick, but cannot replace grassroots activism

The rot at the bottom

#658 ( 31 May - 6 June 2013 )
The uncertainty over politicised student union elections reflects doubts over national elections

On life support

#655 ( 10-16 May 2013 )
Our obsession with the see-saw of day-to-day politics means we have lost sight of the big picture and are actively repeating old mistakes

Arms and the men

#653 ( 26 April-2 May 2013 )
With the peace process officially over, Nepal’s security forces need to downsize and rethink their roles
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