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#897 ( 16-22 February 2018 )
Nepali Times caught up with James Nye, Bibliographer Southern Asia at Joseph Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago during a visit to Kathmandu this month

Learning the London way

#893 ( 19-25 January 2018 )
Interview with Rajen Kandel CEO and founder of The British College

Corruption and democratic decay

#893 ( 19-25 January 2018 )
Ashutosh Tiwari caught up with Sarah Chayes, the author of Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security

Qatar Airways in Nepal: 20 years

#883 ( 10-16 November 2017 )
"There is close affinity between Nepal and Qatar and also between Nepalis and Qatar Airways."

Turkish marks 4 years in Nepal

#879 ( 13-19 October 2017 )
Even though Nepal is very popular as a tourist destination, a lot more people would come here if the infrastructure was upgraded

Being taken for a ride

#867 ( 14-20 July 2017 )
Lucia De Vries
We need to better manage human-elephant conflict, understand the elephant’s value in the wild for the eco-system, and step away from exploiting them in captivity

École Française Internationale de Katmandou turns 30

#863 ( 16-22 June 2017 )
Studying in a French school is not only about learning the French language, it is also about participating in a French-style education

“New homes have to be safer”

#856 ( 28 April - 4 May 2017 )
UN Ambassador Walton Alfonso Webson and Marty Logan discuss the UN's recent work in Nepal.

“Power to the people”

#836 ( 9-15 December 2016 )
A brief chat with Kulman Ghising, the new Managing Director of NEA

“A woman is as capable as a man.”

#834 ( 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2016 )
Binita Dahal
Chief Justice Sushila Karki in an interview with Binita Dahal of BBC Nepali, 22 November 

High fuel price a deterrent

#825 ( 9-15 September 2016 )
Excerpts from the interview with Harun Bastürk, Vice President of Sales for Asia and Far East Turkish Airlines. 

Service is paramount

#813 ( 17-23 June 2016 )
Qatar Airways Vice President for South Asia Vincent Bernard Coste about the carrier’s achievements on the Nepal route and future plans

Nepalis paying price for climate change

#811 ( 3-9 June 2016 )
Director David Molden of ICIMOD spoke to Nepali Times after a recent visit to the centre's climate research station in Langtang.

Private sector lead in solar grid system

#810 ( 27 May - 2 June 2016 )
Raj Kumar Thapa of Solar Solutions on what the current budget should look at to promote solar energy in Nepal.

PM Gave us a lecture: NHRC

#804 ( 15-21 April 2016 )
Seulki Lee
The NHRC is looked upon as an enemy, they have to understand that we are partners

“Hope Nepal’s difficulties end soon”

#788 ( 25-31 December 2015 )
Seulki Lee
Korean ambassador Choe Yong Jin on the potential for post-earthquake reconstruction, and the potential for tourism, trade and Korean investment in Nepal.

“An electric future for Nepal”

#779 ( 9-15 October 2015 )
Sujit Acharya of the Energy Development Council on how our energy policy failure led to the current blockade, and how to plan for the future

“An observer, not a participant”

#776 ( 18-24 September 2015 )
Outgoing US ambassador to Nepal Peter W Bodde spoke to Nepali Times before leaving this week.

“India wants to start afresh in Nepal”

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Interview with Deep Kumar Upadhyay, Nepal’s ambassador to India

Poles apart

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Interview with Laxman Lal Karna of the Sadbhavana Party and Agni Kharel of the CPN-UML on their views on the first draft of the new constitution
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