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"Talk for what?"


The communists want dialogue to bring about revolutionary changes in Nepal. The reactionaries want dialogue to maintain the status quo, to protect their ill-gotten wealth and positions. The revolutionaries want to save the nation, they want people to be able to exercise their rights and build a bright future for themselves and the country. That is why the revolutionaries, whenever the situation demands, are prepared to sit down for talks. The reactionaries only want dialogue when they are decimated or under threat, and need time to regroup their forces. They buy time in the guise of conducting a dialogue.

The nation is ready for dialogue now but what are we going to talk about? To maintain the status quo, to bring about radical changes now or to bring about changes in the future? Our party is very clear that it is not talking to maintain the current state of affairs, nor has it come to talks to achieve anything drastic. We are here to help establish a new Nepal, without which there is no future for Nepalis and Nepal. That is why our party wants to do away with constitutional monarchy and replace it with a jana-ganatantra (people's republic). The present system is rotten to the core and the people have already discarded it. If the present government and rulers are prepared to bring about revolutionary changes in themselves and in this system, our party will welcome them.

The nation is in the grip of a socio-political and economic crisis. The government does not have the solutions to these problems and only our party has the capacity to resolve them. It is stupidity on the government's side to say our revolution is the problem. Our people's war is a crisis only to Nepalis and foreigners who are out to loot and destroy the nation. For those who love Nepal, our struggle is what keeps them going. The present political structure and system are the problems, not the Maoist struggle. This is why our agenda in dialogue is replacing the present constitutional monarchy, the political system and the constitution. The nation now requires a new republican system.

The issue is whether to accept the scientific new system or not. The problems facing the country cannot be solved by the existing, outdated and backward, system, but by a scientific, forward-looking system-the past 11 years have shown that the present political system is neither. If you do not change with the times, your downfall is certain, but if you are prepared to change, you will definitely prosper. It is time for the people, the monarch and the government to think calmly and decide whether they want to move ahead with the times or be reduced to ashes by the people's war. Everyone should accept and go by what the people want.

The first requirement of dialogue is the creation of an honest and trustful environment. This has not happened so far. Instead, the government's activities have destroyed the little trust that had been built up so far, and given rise to suspicion. Our party is committed to a dialogue, and until now has done more for this than the government. Instead of creating the right environment, the government has passed ordinances that are detrimental to the nation, the people and dialogue. The honesty Deuba projects is nothing but lies, deceit and conspiracy. Everyone knows Deuba is surrounded and influenced by people who do not want dialogue to take place. To prove otherwise, he should immediately make public the whereabouts of all those who have disappeared. He seems content to only announce the names of those who are in prison. How can a dialogue be held in such a situation? The third part would be to exchange prisoners. Then the government has to guarantee safety of those participating in the talks, and finally, everything that is discussed has to be made public through government media.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)