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Cleaning out our cabinets

#651 ( 12-18 April 2013 )
Nepal has a long way to go before it can be electronically governed

Money in, money out

#648 ( 22-28 March 2013 )
Growth in remittance is an indication of the abject political and economic state of Nepal

A far-west side story

#642 ( 8-14 February 2013 )
Nepal’s backwater is slowly beginning to rebuild and rebrand itself

Equally invested

#640 ( 25-31 January 2013 )
As an alternative source of funding, Private Equity has the potential to turn small businesses in Nepal more competitive and better managed firms

Spineless backbone

#639 ( 18-24 January 2013 )
With small-scale production and limited access to markets, rural Nepali farmers are stuck at the bottom of the food chain

Energising the economy

#638 ( 11-17 January 2013 )
Making industries energy efficient will not be possible until they change their behaviours and attitudes

Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : EconomyStupid