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Patriots Day

#855 ( 21-27 April 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A film which will teach you the essence of both bravery and cowardice

Assassin’s Creed

#854 ( 14-20 April 2017 )
Sophia Pande
To cut a long story short, Assassin’s Creed is surprisingly well made and fairly engrossing if you start watching it with very low expectations.


#853 ( 7-13 April 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was clever, beautiful, complicated and brave; this Jackie does not quite do her justice.

Kong: Skull Island

#852 ( 31 March - 6 April 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Whoever would have thought a film about Kong would be so entertaining and so thought provoking at the same time?

Hell or High Water

#851 ( 24-30 March 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Hell or High Water justly joins the ranks of eight other excellent films that were nominated for “Best Picture” this year


#850 ( 17-23 March 2017 )
Sophia Pande
With his newest film, Elle, Paul Verhoeven has gone too far


#849 ( 10-16 March 2017 )
Sophia Pande
As with most films that are this apocalyptic, the nature of it is deeply self-indulgent and overly gloomy

Miss Sloane

#848 ( 3-9 March 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Miss Sloane is a character study of an extraordinary, enigmatic schemer with real issues when it comes to drawing lines between right and wrong.


#847 ( 24 Feb - 2 Mar 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Lion would be unbelievable if it hadn’t actually happened


#846 ( 17-23 February 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A stupendously accomplished film with a few flimsy loose ends

Hidden figures

#845 ( 10-16 February 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The film works so well because of the strength of the characters and the incredible charisma of the actors playing these women

La La Land

#844 ( 3-9 February 2017 )
Sophia Pande
La La Land is what it is, a very appealing, really lovely, slightly goofy love story

Florence Foster Jenkins

#843 ( 27 Jan - 2 Feb 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Florence Foster Jenkins is a film for a day when you feel like you just want to unwind, laugh, and pretend that the world isn’t full of awful people

Underworld: Blood Wars 

#842 ( 20-26 January 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Underworld: Blood Wars is dazzling to look at and the 3D enhances the beauty of the action sequences


#841 ( 13-19 January 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Allied is no Casablanca but it could have been something if it had continued in the spirit it started


#840 ( 6-12 January 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The viewer is left feeling slightly bewildered, as if a romantic dramedy somehow genre warped into a really banal Star Trek sequel


#839 ( 30 Dec 2016 - 5 Jan 2017 )
Sophia Pande
You will find yourself frantically gripping whichever surface you are currently sitting on as the passengers themselves brace for impact.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

#838 ( 23-29 December 2016 )
Sophia Pande
Rogue One is visually stunning, and full of adventure, non-stop, but not with the kind of senseless desperation of lesser films

White sun

#837 ( 16-22 December 2016 )
Sophia Pande
White Sun with its finely wrought, persuasive performances is a rare piece of filmmaking

Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2016

#836 ( 9-15 December 2016 )
Sophia Pande
This year the festival will screen films by film-makers from Nepal and our neighbouring countries
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