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#875 ( 8-14 September 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A film about Wall Street, naked ambition, passion, hard work, betrayal and one woman’s grasp on her own integrity as things start to fall apart.

Top of the Lake: China Girl

#874 ( 1-7 September 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A series about a woman detective who is imperfect but courageous


#873 ( 25-31 August 2017 )
Sophia Pande
You may not like Split but it will leave you wondering for hours to come


#872 ( 18-24 August 2017 )
Sophia Pande
For people who love animals, have pets at home that they think of as friends rather than furry creatures to be kicked around, and cannot bear to see living creatures suffer, then Okja is a painful must.

King Arthur and theLegend of the Sword

#871 ( 11-17 August 2017 )
Sophia Pande
This re-imagining is worth watching for those of us who can never quite get enough of swords and magicians

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

#870 ( 4-10 August 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Don’t listen to what anyone says about Luc Besson’s latest and greatest sci-fi epic, just go watch it and decide for yourself.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

#869 ( 28 July -3 August 2017 )
Sophia Pande
You can watch the first half of The Autopsy of Jane Doe and when things start to seem sickeningly familiar, you can turn it off and imagine your own ending

Spider-Man: Homecoming

#868 ( 21-27 July 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The main problem with this film is that it doesn’t vault over the boundaries of age and appeal to adults in the same way that it is great for teenagers

The Bad Batch

#867 ( 14-20 July 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A fun, funny, imperfect film with moments of genius and lots of misses

Get Out

#866 ( 7-13 July 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Get Out is an indictment of the underlying ugly racism prevalent in America, and in the rest of the world

The Zookeeper's Wife

#865 ( 30 June - 6 July 2017 )
Sophia Pande
A story that tries to tell of the horror of war and the cruelty that human beings can unleash on fellow humans and helpless animals

The eagle huntress

#864 ( 23-29 June 2017 )
Sophia Pande
If you want to learn a bit about Mongolia, and one of its most riveting traditions, find this uncommon film

Wonder Woman

#863 ( 16-22 June 2017 )
Sophia Pande
This is a film that is as good as action movies get, slightly long but worth your time

Beauty and the Beast

#862 ( 9-15 June 2017 )
Sophia Pande
For those who remember the cartoon, this live action remake is almost word for word, and yet it manages to take on a life of its own

Hacksaw ridge

#861 ( 2-8 June 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The events at Hacksaw Ridge are the high point of Gibson’s filmmaking, but they are also the stuff of nightmares

Alien: Covenant

#860 ( 26 May - 1 June 2017 )
Sophia Pande
This new “Alien” film is a hybrid of science fiction and space horror

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

#859 ( 19-25 May 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Although not as eternally memorable as the first film from 2014, this highly anticipated sequel by today’s standards is not bad at all

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

#858 ( 12-18 May 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The plot of the film is so silly it is not worth a summary, yet the film boasts an astonishing cast of international renown

Captain fantastic

#857 ( 5-11 May 2017 )
Sophia Pande
The film is a portrait of some wonderful but flawed human beings who deeply believe in a certain way of life

Madam Secretary

#856 ( 28 April - 4 May 2017 )
Sophia Pande
Madam Secretary shows us what courage looks like in the face of impossible circumstances
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