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Searching for Sugar Man

#647 ( 15-21 March 2013 )
Sophia Pande
Watch this documentary for its amazing content and the integrity of its subject matter as well as for its creativity

Beasts of the Southern Wild

#646 ( 8-14 March 2013 )
Sophia Pande
This film has rawness, a poetic heart, beautiful imagery, and a little girl as the protagonist

And the winners are...

#645 ( 1-7 March 2013 )
Sophia Pande
Once again, the Oscars have come and gone leaving in its wake a number of delights and disappointments


#644 ( 22-28 February 2013 )
Sophia Pande
This film deals with the stuff of life with so much grace and power that it resonates in the mind forever

Zero Dark Thirty

#643 ( 15-21 February 2013 )
Sophia Pande
A controversial film about the ten year long search for Osama bin Laden after the 11 September 2001

Silver Linings Playbook

#642 ( 8-14 February 2013 )
Sophia Pande
The sensitive, nuanced portrayal of the characters as well as the droll, sometimes even farcical, trials and tribulations of the people around them keep the viewer rapt

The Paperboy

#641 ( 1-7 February 2013 )
Sophia Pande
A troubling but haunting film about race, class, gender, and homosexuality, directed by Lee Daniel


#640 ( 25-31 January 2013 )
Sophia Pande
A film about the power of words, and the personality of a great man who changes the world with his strength of character

A Royal Affair

#639 ( 18-24 January 2013 )
Sophia Pande
This film nominated for the Oscars will take the audience back to an era that is terrifying for all who chose to transgress from their proscribed boundaries.


#638 ( 11-17 January 2013 )
Sophia Pande
A story that is both subtle and daring at the same time, and that that will surprise at every turn
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Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Mustsee