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Fluid political landscape

#668 ( 9-15 August 2013 )
Extremists and political actors in the plains have found a fertile breeding ground in the state of statelessness and discontent

Democratic deficit

#666 ( 26 July-1 August 2013 )
The pretentions of senior party leaders with democracy stand at odds with their internal authoritarianism

Breaking up and making up

#664 ( 12-18 July 2013 )
National and international political constellations are all in favour of November polls

Periphery of news

#663 ( 5-11 July 2013 )
Despite professional hazards, local journalists continue to play crucial watchdog role. But at what cost?

Battle for the ballots

#662 ( 28 June-4 July 2013 )
Now that November polls look probable its back to the good, bad, and ugly in politics

Congress congress

#661 ( 21-27 June 2013 )
The congress government in New Delhi finally rolled the red carpet for Nepal’s grand old party

Breaking views

#660 ( 14-20 June 2013 )
As elections look more probable, the mainstream media also becomes an extension of the political parties

Including the excluded

#659 ( 7-13 June 2013 )
The only way to justify Nepal’s painfully long transition is to ensure election rules that level the playing field

In contempt of the republic

#656 ( 17-23 May 2013 )
Nepal’s judiciary must lead the country out of the political morass it helped create

The hidden hand

#655 ( 10-16 May 2013 )
India’s policy of micro-managing the region rather than taking neighbours into confidence has destabilised South Asia

Misinformed, misunderstood

#654 ( 3-9 May 2013 )
Nepal’s federalism debate is unnecessarily trivialised with extreme arguments

What’s left of the left

#653 ( 26 April-2 May 2013 )
What vision can Nepal’s communists offer society at a time of internal turmoil?

Unlearning education

#652 ( 19-25 April 2013 )
Parallel education systems are driving a wedge in Nepali society, fueling youth discontent

The NC’s 12-year itch

#651 ( 12-18 April 2013 )
The frustration of being out of power and angst of defeat in the last CA have seeped into Nepal’s grand old party

Easier said than done

#650 ( 5-11 April 2013 )
June is impossible and if things go on like this polls in November may also be a mirage

The Holi land

#649 ( 29 March-4 April 2013 )
Anger over corruption and neglect after 2008 rankles the Tarai psyche, but people still favour immediate polls

Free of fear

#648 ( 22-28 March 2013 )
We need a firm commitment from political groups of the left, right, and centre for clean and non-violent polls

No country of their own

#647 ( 15-21 March 2013 )
Every citizen has a right to vote in the next election, but what of the stateless citizens of Nepal?

Foreign domestic policy

#646 ( 8-14 March 2013 )
Nepal’s quest for sovereignty and international credibility stands at odds with its geo-strategic balancing act

Rotten to the core

#645 ( 1-7 March 2013 )
Nepal’s legal system has been too kind to those at the top who have presided over the plunder of the state

Agree to disagree

#644 ( 22-28 February 2013 )
CJ as the head of the electoral government will only make sense if the parties agree not to disagree about polls end-May

Reconciliation without resolution

#643 ( 15-21 February 2013 )
Nepal has tried to reconcile with its past without resolving the underlying reasons of the conflict

The post-Prachanda path

#642 ( 8-14 February 2013 )
The first post-conflict Maoist general convention has finally departed from the communist doctrine of armed struggle

The disappearance of truth

#641 ( 1-7 February 2013 )
After six years of platitudes, there will be no truth telling and the worst war criminals will walk free

Pain in the plains

#640 ( 25-31 January 2013 )
Six years after the bloody uprising in the plains that claimed 52 lives, the Madhes still simmers

Skeletons in the closet

#639 ( 18-24 January 2013 )
The framework of justice cannot be custom-made and tailored to serve the interests of the few

Republic of bananas

#638 ( 11-17 January 2013 )
The unending transition, lack of elections, and impunity are turning us into an international laughing stock
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Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Bytheway
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