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Keep talking

#731 ( 7- 13 November 2014 )
The foundations of a New Nepal cannot be laid on faultlines of the past

Off the people, for the people

#729 ( 24 - 30 October 2014 )
NC’s insecurities have pushed it to the conservative fringe, making it a part of the problem

Dangers of delay

#727 ( 10-16 October 2014 )
Post-festival, constitution writing will be a battle ground for competing personal and partisan interests

Extreme at both ends

#725 ( 19-25 September 2014 )
Kathmandu’s neglect of the Madhes is being exploited by radicals in the plains

The absent state

#723 ( 5-11 September 2014 )
We haven’t just failed to protect citizens within Nepal and abroad, we have abdicated our responsibility

Inclusion by any other name

#721 ( 22-28 August 2014 )
The last six years have not been wasted, we have zeroed in on institutionalising inclusion

Great expectations

#719 ( 8-14 August 2014 )
New Delhi’s foreign policy shift in dealing with neighbours offers Nepal a chance to redefine ties

Promises to keep

#717 ( 25-31 July 2014 )
The NC-UML coalition must stick to its self-imposed deadline of finishing the constitution by April

When the hammer comes down

#715 ( 11-17 July 2014 )
It is no longer enough to condemn the wrong-doers, they must be named and shamed

When graft is a given

#713 ( 27 June - 3 July 2014 )
Numbed by endemic corruption, we are losing our capacity for outrage

Times of war and peace

#711 ( 13-19 June 2014 )
Prashant Jha’s Battles of the New Republic will anger and shame us

Maiming the messenger

#707 ( 16-22 May 2014 )
Democratic regimes with undemocratic institutions can stifle press freedom

Bypassing the bosses

#705 ( 2-8 May 2014 )
On World Press Freedom Day, there are more reasons to be optimistic than pessimistic about the Nepali media

“Forgive and move on”

#703 ( 18-24 April 2014 )
All cases of grave human rights violations must go for trial, but victims must also have the power to forgive.

The shaky pillar of Indian democracy

#701 ( 4-10 April 2014 )
This month’s Indian election is a battle to preserve the country’s founding principle of secularism

Thou shall not lie

#698 ( 14-20 March 2014 )
The media can’t just function as a business, it has to relentlessly pursue the truth so our freedoms are protected

Home sweet Home

#696 ( 28 Feb - 6 Mar 2014 )
The stand-off over the Home Ministry shows how little Nepal’s politics has changed in 25 years

The year of living dangerously

#694 ( 14-20 February 2014 )
It’s very simple: KP Oli needs Bam Dev and Bam Dev wants the Home Ministry

Stuck with you

#692 ( 31 Jan - 6 Feb 2014 )
Sushil Koirala may become the next Prime Minister, but he is already a lame duck

Something’s gotta give

#690 ( 17-23 January 2014 )
The NC’s undemocratic internal politics is at odds with its electoral victory

Statutory warning

#688 ( 3-9 January 2014 )
Political parties that suffer from a democratic deficit within can’t give us a democratic constitution

The moment of truth

#686 ( 20-26 December 2013 )
The newly elected legislature offers another opportunity for the country to confront the dirty truths of the conflict

All together now

#684 ( 6-12 December 2013 )
The NC and UML have a two-third majority, but they need a consensus on the constitution

Another chance

#682 ( 22-28 November 2013 )
Holding peaceful elections was the easy part, resolving the deadlock on the constitution will be harder

Biting the ballot

#680 ( 8-14 November 2013 )
The country will go for polls on 19 November, but at what cost?

Free, fair and fear-free

#678 ( 25-31 October 2013 )
High political stakes and polarised sentiment threaten to undermine electoral integrity and security

Failed experiment

#676 ( 4-10 October 2013 )
New Delhi’s overt and covert efforts to influence Nepali politics haven’t been in India’s own national interest

A faith in revolution

#674 ( 20 - 26 September 2013 )
The Maoists’ willingness to learn from history and induct Hindu priests into the fold is itself quite revolutionary

A Raw Deal

#672 ( 6-12 September 2013 )

Competing for consensus

#670 ( 23-29 August 2013 )
Older parties are trying to reinvent themselves and new ones are maturing
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