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The lonely struggle against tyranny

#830 ( 21-27 October 2016 )
Political parties have finally decided to act against Lokman Singh Karki, but only to save their own skins

Drama in real life

#829 ( 7-13 October 2016 )
Dasain feels like someone pressed the pause button just as we were reaching a climax in politics

Muckraking among bottomfeeders

#827 ( 23-29 September 2016 )
Nepal is an interesting case study for the 350 investigative journalists in Kathmandu this weekend for an international conference

Sanctity of silence

#823 ( 26 Aug - 1 Sep 2016 )
This ‘culture’ of silence manifests both as a result of direct intimidation and the utilisation of a politics of fear

Truth be told

#817 ( 15-21 July 2016 )
Govinda KC may be stubborn, but he is a hermit who has done little else in life besides good things to help people in pain

Crazy politics

#815 ( 1-7 July 2016 )
History is replete with examples of political dissidents being labelled ‘mad’

Fear and loathing

#812 ( 10-16 June 2016 )
A parallel power centre is pushing the country towards a finish line that will finish us

Tweet that

#808 ( 13-19 May 2016 )
Politically-charged predators on the prowl to pounce on the next prey with 140 characters

Lok in the time of Loktantra

#806 ( 29 Apr - 5 May 2016 )
Take a ride on a Sajha Bus and decide for yourself whether an open society is something worth fighting for

Lok in the time of Loktantra

#805 ( 22-28 April 2016 )
Take a ride on a Sajha Bus and decide for yourself whether an open society is something worth fighting for

Just waiting

#804 ( 15-21 April 2016 )
Twenty years of war to peace has brought Nepalis back full circle

Forcing us to forget

#801 ( 25-31 March 2016 )
As a society we have failed the victims of conflict in more ways than one

Money mind

#799 ( 11-17 March 2016 )
The parties work hand-in-glove with the bureaucracy and business elite to plunder and loot in our kleptocratic state

A collective crusade

#797 ( 26 Feb - 3 Mar 2016 )
There can be no justice for recent atrocities so long as past atrocities remain shrouded in a cloud of impunity.

Out with the old

#795 ( 12-18 February 2016 )
Nepal’s civil society is now more of a hurdle than a contributor to creating an accountable and just society

Better days to come

#792 ( 22-28 January 2016 )
Nepalis are suffering because political bickering about the constitution has rendered everything else irrelevant

Being baklava

#790 ( 8-14 January 2016 )
The challenge in carving a Nepali identity which is identifiable as ‘Nepali’ and yet not all the same

Worst year ever

#788 ( 25-31 December 2015 )
Possibly a whole lot more of the same to look forward to in 2016

Kathmandu Witch Trials

#786 ( 11 - 17 December 2015 )
Under the guise of corruption the CIAA is targeting those with whom its puppeteers and their puppets do not agree

In the absence of hope

#784 ( 27 November - 3 December 2015 )
The people are exhausted, they cannot know how much longer this impasse will continue

The autumn of the patriot

#782 ( 6-12 November 2015 )
The leadership has no choice but to reach out to Delhi and make amends

Running on fumes

#780 ( 16-22 October 2015 )

Blockade blues

#778 ( 2-8 October 2015 )
One would have expected a far less obvious move on India’s part at such a crucial time

A constitution, like it or not

#776 ( 18-24 September 2015 )
We are so desperate to move on, we are willing to pass a constitution that won’t guarantee a majority of citizens equality and freedom

Any means necessary

#774 ( 4-10 September 2015 )
The media now needs to create a climate for compromise and put the onus back on the political parties

Commodifying to survive

#770 ( 7-13 August 2015 )
Insecurity about secularism stems from the fear among many Nepalis they will be converted

Get it over already

#768 ( 24-30 July 2015 )
Bureaucratic failure has nothing to do with nationalism or the level of loyalty individuals have to their country

Egos at the door, please

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Cheer up, we have a draft constitution and so far it’s only been set alight by Madhesis, women and minorities

Hold it right there

#764 ( 26 June - 2 July 2015 )
Because a super fast-track constitution is unacceptable, let's hold local elections

For politics’ sake

#762 ( 12-18 June 2015 )
A decision on the number of provinces or forming a national unity government were hardly what 3 million earthquake survivors needed
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