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Jaffna in Janakpur?

#787 ( 18-24 December 2015 )
Nepal must exercise the logic of being a true buffer state

A tale of two frontiers

#787 ( 18-24 December 2015 )
“There is nothing here. No people, no business. We open the shop just to pass the time."

Back after 10 years

#785 ( 4-10 December 2015 )
“When I returned to Nepal last month, the place was once more in political and economic turmoil.”

Messiahs of the Madhes

#781 ( 30 October - 5 November 2015 )
It's time for the Madhesi people to think about who their real friends are

North and South

#779 ( 9-15 October 2015 )
This is an internal Nepali problem that should be resolved through dialogue, not intimidation, protests or a blockade

Fighting our own battles

#778 ( 2-8 October 2015 )
Madhesis may be culturally close to Indians, but they are Nepalis first

Before it's too late

#778 ( 2-8 October 2015 )
Southern Nepal is in the middle of a humanitarian crisis, we need to act soon

Masochism in the Madhes

#775 ( 11-17 September 2015 )
The agitation in the Madhes will not lead the Madhesi people anywhere

Living in fear

#748 ( 6-12 March 2015 )
Women are taught to be fearful and shameful for things they have no say in

Federal fundamentalism

#721 ( 22-28 August 2014 )
Question the merits of federalism and you are accused of committing blasphemy

Nothing about us, without us

#718 ( 1 - 7 August 2014 )
The right to equality of gender and other minorities is under threat from a regressive state

Governance with a human face

#708 ( 23-29 May 2014 )
How to channel compassion towards the excluded and downtrodden for better governance

Banking on the Bank

#703 ( 18-24 April 2014 )
Making the restructured World Bank more relevant to Nepal

From Cabin 16-17

#697 ( 7-13 March 2014 )
What could explain the international community’s disinterest in addressing wartime excesses?

Let's not repeat 2008

#681 ( 15-21 November 2013 )
If the 19 November ballot can be relatively clean, the possibilities are that Constituent Assembly-II will have a life

Non-political budget

#661 ( 21-27 June 2013 )
Empowering the grassroots institutions must be the legacy of technocrat budget framers

Mr Dahal goes to Delhi

#653 ( 26 April-2 May 2013 )
The Maoist chairman needs to ingratiate himself simultaneously to the two big neighbours

Seeds of revolution

#652 ( 19-25 April 2013 )
Nepal’s farmers have nurtured a rich seed biodiversity that is now threatened by industrial agriculture

Peace dividend for quality education

#651 ( 12-18 April 2013 )
A 10-point checklist to improve the quality of education in Nepali schools

Keep the flag flying

#643 ( 15-21 February 2013 )
Let’s rescue the people’s airline from the clutches of politicians and under-motivated staff
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