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Stop the anarchy, Laalrakshak

The onus for Nepal's peace process undisputedly rests on the Maoists. But the irresponsible activities of a faction within the party, led by vice-chairman Mohan Baidya has led to a public speculation that the party does not fully appreciate this fact. At the last factional gathering in New Baneswor, Baidya not only declared the formation of a parallel party structure but also rejected the Madhesi-Maoist alliance in the government as 'anti-national'. The meeting is said to have chosen Mohan Baidya as the party's 'trustee' while nominating Ram Bahadur Thapa as the chairman.

After the news of the gathering reached the party establishment, party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal asked Baidya for a clarification. He maintained that the gathering was for 'political training' of the cadres. The faction tried to win over the support of the combatants, inciting fear over the uncertainty, as well as called on the families of the injured and the martyrs of the conflict to protest. While the commanders cleared their stance by expressing their solidarity with the party decision, even the others are distancing themselves from the faction. A member of the association of injured combatants from the third division in Jutpani said: "Earlier I got carried away by their rhetoric. But now I realise, they have no vision. Their entire philosophy is rejectionist."

The failure of the Baidya faction to logically back its criticism against the party's decisions and its alliance with the Madhesi front not only proves that it is ideologically bankrupt but also exposes its anarchist tendencies. More importantly, the rhetorical similarity between the Baidya faction and the NC-UML opposition indicates growing convergence between two extreme points in Nepal's political landscape.

1. who cares
in theory, baidya gang is not anti national, but there actions, views are weakening nationality.

they are rarely right, and this is one of them. they should oppose 4 pt agreement as well as bhandary... so should nc, uml and other nationalists. ..... 

but they should do such through peaceful mean- educating public, uniting nation and preventing govt.'s anti national moves.

its true there are a few thousand madeshi families who are nepalese, and they should be given proper right. ............... but........... before that there should be an investigation to find out who are nepalese and who are foreigners. and until we scrap the citizenship, property etc of foreigners, there should not be any decision to be made to give nepali madeshi their due right. 

those who are foreigner should be sent back to their country or refugee camp in the third countries. only those indians who have proper document should be let in nepal.

is not it something to think about that in last 100 yr, population of nepal increased by 5 times where as the population of madeshi has increased by 100-1000 times during that time?

some foreign with nepali citizen (who got it by providing false info) are saying nepal never treated madeshi as nepalese.... i like to ask them- name me one country that provides first class treatment to foreigners????????????????????????????


2. Nepali

Anarchy is in blood of baidya fraction. During war time they were parasite to Party on looted weath of bank later on PLA allowance levy.

This fraction should note the points of UMDF are brought to screen for better intregation of people for nationality .Not for disintrgation. Anti madhesi lobby are fuelling them as they may be split off from parent party. Chairman Dahal is true to his statement they will venish.

3. jange
Internal mafia feud. Not relevant.

4. Maoist(Global)
If we stop Anarchy we will die, this is your tool of servival. Recently Nrs 1500 only increase in allowance of PLA no increase in levy . Same 1000. After price adjustment and Party expenses nothing is balance. Only stupid Jornalist write about ANARCHY. They never think our problem, War time we were free for looting and even killing heavy earning was there but  now all stop commission yearned by our leaders and caders not transparent. We demand Anarch should be our reseved right in NEW CONSTITUTION.

5. Kale
Lalbhakshak. not Rakshak.

6. Gole
Baidya is not a rastrabadi but a rastrabyadhi.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)