Between The Lines

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Invest, include, improve

#785 ( 4-10 December 2015 )
As with Nepal's politics newsrooms here lack representation

Selective outrage

#783 ( 20-26 November 2015 )
Some events are more important than others

A blockade is a blockade

#781 ( 30 October - 5 November 2015 )
But how long will it take for Nepalis to transfer the blame from India to our own inept political leadership

Hashtag revolutions

#777 ( 25 Sep - 1 Oct 2015 )
Social media online movements don't always result in real change

Left, right and centre

#775 ( 11-17 September 2015 )
Polarisation in the Nepali media is becoming a part of the problem

Disconnect and discontent

#773 ( 28 Aug - 3 Sep 2015 )

Losing our young

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
More than half the students who go abroad for higher studies never come back


#765 ( 3-9 July 2015 )
Discriminatory citizenship clauses should be a national issue, not just a gender one

Newfound empathy

#761 ( 5-11 June 2015 )
Nepali journalists reported on the disaster with compassion, others not so much

Epicentre of reconstruction

#759 ( 22-28 May 2015 )
Barpak is rising from the rubble and is committed to building an even better town

Bibeksheel Nepali shows how it is done

#758 ( 15-21 May 2015 )
A party of youthful citizens shows what it means to be committed to the country above self

Earning back the people’s trust

#757 ( 8-14 May 2015 )
Public misgivings about the government were confirmed by its unhurried response to the earthquake

Believe it, or not

#756 ( 1-7 May 2015 )
Accurate and prompt information was a commodity in short supply in the aftermath of the earthquake

Running with the herd

#755 ( 24-30 April 2015 )
To suggest that the state has remained a mere spectator in Jajarkot is not just wrong, it is selective reporting

Forgive us our press passes

#753 ( 10-16 April 2015 )
Journalists like other citizens represent the country when abroad, let’s behave

If it bleeds, it still leads

#750 ( 20-26 March 2015 )
Even in the age of citizen journalism, we can’t seem to cover the good news

Disconnect and discontent

#722 ( 21-27 August 2015 )
Let’s admit it, we in Kathmandu are a bunch of hypocrites

Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Betweenthelines
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