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They call me Eve… because they think it is ok to tease

#788 ( 25-31 December 2015 )
The acceptable culture of sexually harassing women in South Asia

In two states of mind

#786 ( 11 - 17 December 2015 )

Chasing the dragon

#782 ( 6-12 November 2015 )
Media has glamourised heroin addiction somewhat, but the true effects of heroin are very different in real life.

The silent scream

#779 ( 9-15 October 2015 )
About 350 million people in the world are affected by depression, and most will never seek treatment

When little girls grow up

#777 ( 25 Sep - 1 Oct 2015 )
Adults need to be mindful of their words and actions in front of children as they might never forget

Rescue me not

#775 ( 11-17 September 2015 )
Family, society and culture tell women who we are and how we need to be, and what we can and cannot do

Maybe baby

#771 ( 14-20 August 2015 )
It is unfair to expect a woman to be a great mother, daughter, sister, wife, niece, aunt, a successful professional who can still cook two meals a day

A little cup of self love

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Many women grow up wishing their waists were narrower, their eyes bigger, their legs longer- wishing they were someone else

This is not how your story should end

#760 ( 29 May - 5 June 2015 )
Studies show there is a rise in suicide in communities affected by natural disasters

Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Allinmind