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Unimpeachable evidence

#857 ( 5-11 May 2017 )
The coalition doesn’t want to impeach Sushila Karki, just suspend her so she can’t hear high-profile corruption cases

Chicken or egg?

#846 ( 17-23 February 2017 )
What comes first, election or amendment?

Separating powers

#842 ( 20-26 January 2017 )
Judicial Council nominations of judges are always controversial, this year was no different

The end of Karkistocracy

#841 ( 13-19 January 2017 )
Lokman Singh Karki’s departure raises questions about who mysteriously appointed him and why

Who will bell the cat?

#840 ( 6-12 January 2017 )
Lokman Singh Karki’s future hangs in the balance between Parliament and the Supreme Court


#834 ( 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2016 )
Fiercely independent, Sushila Karki is determined not to be a token female and has flouted convention throughout her career

The charade of impeachment

#833 ( 18-24 November 2016 )
As Parliament dilly-dallies, the Supreme Court presses ahead against Lokman Singh Karki

Checking and Balancing

#826 ( 16-22 September 2016 )
When the executive and legislature are not functioning at optimum, it is up to the judiciary to act

Health should not be for wealth

#818 ( 22-28 July 2016 )
Parliament needs to take a new look at the Health Bill and form a committee to investigate the abuse of authority

Madam Chief Justice

#804 ( 15-21 April 2016 )
Unlike the President and the Speaker of Parliament, Chief Justice Sushila Karki is not a political appointee

Judicial match-fixing

#798 ( 4-10 March 2016 )
By giving in to political pressure Chief Justice Kalyan Shrestha has failed to uphold the integrity of the Judiciary

Enter: Chief Justice Shrestha

#766 ( 10-16 July 2015 )
Kalyan Shrestha has the challenging task of restoring the integrity of a tarnished Supreme Court, and protecting the separation of powers

Interim order and interim constitution

#764 ( 26 June - 2 July 2015 )
By delving into politics, the Supreme Court verdict on the 16-point deal has once again blurred the separation of powers

Bar vs Bench

#754 ( 17-23 April 2015 )
Enough accusations of corruption in the judiciary, time to start investigating them

Justice in transition

#750 ( 20-26 March 2015 )
The Maoists react badly to the Supreme Court verdict rejecting amnesty provisions in the TRC Act

Supreme once more

#728 ( 17-23 October 2014 )
The new Chief Justice is from a minority within a marginalised community, this is hugely symbolic

Watching the watchdog

#722 ( 29 Aug - 5 Sept 2014 )
Despite the CIAA’s recent sting operations, the agency is charged with going after small fry or waging political witch-hunts

Looking for older articles ? Please follow this link : Legalese
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