2-8 December 2016 #835

Travel together

Qatar Airways has introduced a 30% discount for customers travelling in groups of three to nine people under its ‘Travel together, save together’ campaign. Customers can avail this offer when booking for flights until 15 June 2017. They can book between 28 November and 5 December.

Cake mixing

Hotel Shangri-La organised a cake mixing program in Kathmandu in keeping with the tradition of Christmas. Followed by a luncheon, the event hosted distinguished guests in the hotel premises last week.

Helping hands

Etihad Airways flew a team of surgeons to Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital to support the work of Working Hands organisation in the hospital. Essential equipments like sterilizers, diagnostic kits, and other operating equipments were also donated to the hospital. Domestic carrier Yeti Airlines also provided complimentary excess baggage to the surgeons.

Tech savvy Turkish

Turkish Airlines introduced Denon headphones recently for its business class travellers on America-bound flights to enhance its in-flight experience. In addition to the headphones, passengers can also use Samsung Galaxy S2 tablets, provided by the airlines, to view movies and play games.