19-25 July 2013 #665

Nepali tweets

guru kafle

I wish Marichman Singh a speedy recovery. He was a leader who worked for the welfare of Nepal and Nepalis. If he had been a double tongued politician, the government would have sent him to Japan by now. Look how we treat a nationalist.

Ranita Khatry

Comrades, go stop the Trishuli for a day and search for those who drowned in the river if you can. Blocking roads and vehicles is far too easy.

Babita Thapa

I have allocated Rs 20,000 for Nepalis who are on twitter full-time. Lol.


Either I should be allowed to take the seat reserved for females or feel safe standing in the aisle. #bus


Just like certain old politicians are asking for retirement, I wish someone would encourage two-four personalities to retire from public life and twitter. Fed up.

Sujeev Shakya

The same people who don’t tire of making grand speeches on Environment Day about pollution seem happy taking part in a the pollution fest wedding procession of 100 cars. Amazing.

Bhojraj Bhat

Every day we hear about hundreds/thousands of UML members defecting to the Maoist, Congress, and other parties. Just how many cadre does the UML have?