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"What would you like for breakfast?"

Transcript of an alleged phone conversation between Jamim Shah of Space Time Network and then Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Information and Communication, Prabhakar Adhikari. The tape was presented by Shah at the parliament's Public Accounts Committee. The transcript indicates that Shah is deliberately taping the conversation and asking leading questions about his satellite uplink license deal, and that Adhikari falls into the trap. Adhikari, who had been made acting secretary, was last week removed from office on the recommendation of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority. He does not deny speaking to Shah, but says the tape was tampered with.

Jamim Shah: Hello! Adhikari dai, how are you?
Adhikari: Hajur, what can I say, I am sitting, doing nothing. What can one do, you people don't take care (of us), you don't care (about us).
Shah: How have we stopped caring?
Adhikari: I called yesterday. Sorry, I had to go elsewhere on Friday. You had called, but where can I go taking that. You know well how it is.
Shah: Yes, what happened? What to do? You have to check, right?
Adhikari: The file is with the minister.
Shah: What?
Adhikari: I have already told him that I don't know anything about satellite.
Shah: Really, then why are you in that office?
Adhikari: Am I a communications expert to know everything? Can Shah become an expert (in journalism) just by running a newspaper?.
Adhikari: You are someone with access, but you still keep reprimanding us.
Shah: I don't have access.
Adhikari: How can you get work done without access?
Shah: How can I have access?
Adhikari: Use your influence where you have it. Those who are your followers, those who've taken your handouts. Isn't that right? I am aware of all that, Nepal is a small country.
Shah: Yes, yes, yes.
Adhikari: Is that not so?
Shah: Yes, yes, yes.
Adhikari: How can they take handouts and not deliver?
Shah: Yes. Yes.
Adhikari: Why don't you ask them and find out what they say?
Shah: Yeah.
Adhikari: Instead, you blame me.
Shah: Yes, yes.
Adhikari: I have not had breakfast for many years, now I need to.
Shah: Yes. What would you like for breakfast? At my place.
Adhikari: Why not?
Shah: I called you, but you did not come.
Adhikari: Come on! At 8 o'clock, I had a meeting at the Development Committee.
Shah: We had that talk at the restaurant. You said you would come in the morning, but did not.
Adhikari: Yes. But I rang to tell you. I was held up at the Development Committee. Yesterday, the day before, I contacted you three or four times. Yesterday you were busy.
Shah: Yes, yes. .
Adhikari: It now looks like there are few friends left, it's finished. You used to do something (for me). But you too seem to be ending that.
Shah: Why? I said the day before that I would give.
Adhikari: I trust you.
Shah: Yes.
Adhikari: Yes.
Shah: Then?
Adhikari: I had also promised you here. Other things, political matters, I don't know much about that.
Shah: Now leave aside other matters. We will take care of political matters. Is that not the way to go?
Adhikari: Yes, that's it.
Shah: Tell me one thing, how much do I need to do for you? Just tell me. Tell me one thing clearly. No doubletalk.
Adhikari: Me, and what I had saved earlier, seven.
Shah: What seven?
Adhikari: I have saved that much for you.
Shah: How much?
Adhikari: Seven in lakhs.
Shah: Ok, ok.
Adhikari: That is what I saved for you.
Shah: So you want all of that seven?
Adhikari: I am not saying that. You use your judgement. I never did that to you. I never bargained. I am only informing you that I saved this much for you. I did save for you, Ramesh helped me in that.
Shah: If I do that, will my work be done?
Adhikari: Am I saying that? .
Adhikari: Seven-seventy was saved, that was saved (by us). We have never been negative towards you. This is the first.
Shah: So you need the seven-seventy? Just tell me clearly dai.
Adhikari: I am not making any demands. Like I said, we've never bargained.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)