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Post-poll ghettoisation

#708 ( 23-29 May 2014 )
The BJP victory will strengthen the position of orthodox Muslims in India

The rise and fall of the Congress

#707 ( 16-22 May 2014 )
India’s grand old party faces an existential crisis

India’s last lap

#706 ( 9-15 May 2014 )
The triangular battle between the BJP, Congress and the AAP in northern India means the result could be close

Green Revolution to narcotics

#705 ( 2-8 May 2014 )
As Punjab grapples with a huge drug problem, its voters turn away from mainstream parties

Clash of civilisations in Varanasi

#704 ( 25 April - 1 May 2014 )
An epic electoral battle for the hearts and minds of Muslims in India’s Hindu heartland

The backlash against the BJP

#703 ( 18-24 April 2014 )

Patronage and representation

#702 ( 11-17 April 2014 )
India’s election exposes flaws in its system of parliamentary representation

The vote in Varanasi

#701 ( 4-10 April 2014 )
The battle for India’s soul is being waged in the Hindu heartland in next week’s election

The Muslim myth

#700 ( 28 March-3 April 2014 )
The media is the message in stereotyping the Muslim voter in India

Citizen journalists in the citizen party

#699 ( 21-27 March 2014 )
India’s Aam Aadmi Party fields seven journalists in April’s elections

Reversing reservation

#698 ( 14-20 March 2014 )
Nepal must learn from India’s experience with the politics of identity and steer away from its pitfalls

Locking horns with the BJP

#697 ( 7-13 March 2014 )

Target: crony capitalism

#696 ( 28 Feb - 6 Mar 2014 )
India’s rebel party takes aim at big business ahead of April’s general elections

Fact-fudging in Gujarat

#695 ( 21-27 February 2014 )
New book exposes Indian prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s involvement in 2002 communal pogrom

India’s left-of-centre Third Front

#694 ( 14-20 February 2014 )
An alliance of 11 parties desperately tries to save itself ahead of general elections

Divided down the middle

#693 ( 7-13 February 2014 )
Anti-corruption drive in India separates the beneficiaries and losers among the middle class

Fund-raising models for NGOs

#692 ( 31 Jan - 6 Feb 2014 )
Humans rights groups in the subcontinent should be able to raise public funds because of their progressive politics

All about roots

#691 ( 24-30 January 2014 )
Aam Aadmi Party’s national vision must be refracted through the prism of the local

Becoming Mohammad Yousuf

#690 ( 17-23 January 2014 )
Alienated by the ambience of extreme religious fervor within Pakistani cricket team, one of its star batsman converted to Islam for social respectability

Next stop: Haryana

#689 ( 10-16 January 2014 )
Imagine an erudite, modern academician at the helm of a state infamous for its socio-political conservatism and venality

Condemned to repeat history

#688 ( 3-9 January 2014 )
The past will haunt India in 2014, the year of general elections

For the aam aadmi

#687 ( 27 December - 2 Janauary 2014 )
Democracy demands constant participation from the people and ought not to be confined to dropping ballots every five years

Diminished by triumph

#686 ( 20-26 December 2013 )
When activists get elected, they seem to emulate the politicians they despise

Hare overtakes tortoises

#685 ( 13-19 December 2013 )
India’s anti-corruption citizen party has potential to upset next year’s general elections

Sex and the office

#684 ( 6-12 December 2013 )
The Tehelka scandal has led to the question of whether consensual sex with subordinates at the workplace is harassment

Democracy’s guerrillas

#683 ( 29 November-5 December 2013 )
For the first time in four decades, India is getting an alternative political party to hold its own in elections

Dynasty vs dynamism

#682 ( 22-28 November 2013 )
India’s regional leaders may be forced to choose performance over charisma in next year’s polls

Sorry, can’t come

#681 ( 15-21 November 2013 )
The Indian PM’s decision not to attend the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo rings a bit hollow

Pre-poll polls

#680 ( 8-14 November 2013 )
Predicting the outcome of elections based on opinion polls is fraught with danger in India and Nepal

Citizen candidate

#678 ( 25-31 October 2013 )
Local elections in India’s capital will be a litmus test for national polls
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