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Contempt of State

#810 ( 27 May - 2 June 2016 )
The sight of grown men sporting teen-age nicknames, puffed up with self-importance as they debate the finer points of a discredited ideology, is as good as it gets these days.


#808 ( 13-19 May 2016 )

Lenin Sues Maoists, Gov’t & UN

#806 ( 29 Apr - 5 May 2016 )
A group of former Maoist combatants is demanding action against the Maoist leadership for exploiting them as child soldiers

The Year of Living Off-Balance

#804 ( 15-21 April 2016 )
The most painful lesson taught by the earthquake and its aftermath is that the people of Nepal can expect nothing from the state

Battling irrelevance

#802 ( 1-7 April 2016 )
The dustbin of history awaits party clowns who have played the people for fools all these years

Welcome to the Time Warp

#800 ( 18-24 March 2016 )
Nepal has been hijacked by a coterie of highly incompetent individuals

Post Truth Politics

#796 ( 19-25 February 2016 )
The TRC’s first report expresses deep frustration at the lack of cooperation from those in power

The stifling burden of hierarchy

#794 ( 5-11 February 2016 )
Instead of having one king, Nepal is now burdened with a dozen petty rajas each jealously guarding their party throne.

The New Farce

#792 ( 22-28 January 2016 )
It seems Comrade Baburam has had an epiphany and he wants the whole world to know

One gun leads to another

#789 ( 1-7 January 2016 )
The wholesale introduction of countless illegal firearms into a country where few existed is yet another tragic consequence of The Pointless War

Shortage Raj

#786 ( 11 - 17 December 2015 )
Returning to the Feuding Democratic Republic after a month abroad it seems the only change in the country’s dire situation is one of perception

Democratising Intimidation

#780 ( 16-22 October 2015 )
Nepal’s politicians seem intent on twisting noble concepts like inclusive democracy and empowerment into base, self-serving tools in their never-ending pursuit of power.

The Great National Unraveling (GNU)

#777 ( 25 Sep - 1 Oct 2015 )

Defending the right to cheat

#775 ( 11-17 September 2015 )
The civil war that should never have happened is behind us but collateral damage continues to plague society. This is the first of a series, sure to be depressing, on the Pointless War’s many tragic spin-offs.


#773 ( 28 Aug - 3 Sep 2015 )
A strike’s success is no longer judged by how much support it garnered but by the amount of suffering it caused the people

Race to the bottom

#771 ( 14-20 August 2015 )
Unemployment creation, honouring the worst

The Shameless

#769 ( 31 July - 6 Aug 2015 )
Nepal’s leaders don’t know the meaning of shame and care about nothing but themselves

Plus ça change

#767 ( 17-23 July 2015 )
Time waits for no-one and as Nepal stagnates, India and China progress

The Indifferent Republic

#764 ( 26 June - 2 July 2015 )
Even a massive earthquake can’t shake the concerned authorities into actually being concerned

Pointless Activity (Revolutionary)

#755 ( 24-30 April 2015 )
When it comes to whipping up the masses to perform meaningless tasks nobody compares with the Maoists.

The landscape of fear

#753 ( 10-16 April 2015 )
It is now the turn of the Maoists to be afraid: of karma and the International Criminal Court

The Consensus Ruse

#750 ( 20-26 March 2015 )
The Maoist definition of consensus: ‘Do what we say or we’ll start another war and wreck the country all over again’

Sedition + Treason = Self-Loathing

#748 ( 6-12 March 2015 )
Those who question the legitimacy of the current government should review the last election results

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