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And they all fall down

#689 ( 10-16 January 2014 )
The long-simmering internal quarrels in the UCPN (M) now threaten to tear the party apart

Dahal’s political harakiri

#685 ( 13-19 December 2013 )
Pushpa Kamal Dahal is digging a big hole for himself by rejecting the election outcome

Post-mortem of a defeat

#683 ( 29 November-5 December 2013 )
The Maoists have no one to blame but themselves for the rout in elections

A second chance

#681 ( 15-21 November 2013 )
Nepalis are set to reject totalitarians, oligarchs, separatists, and anti-nationals in this election

The party that can throw the best party

#677 ( 11 - 24 October 2013 )
This festival season coincides with campaigning and will tell us a lot about the culture of Nepali politics

Disquiet and discontent

#675 ( 27 September - 3 October )
A leadership crisis in the UCPN(M) is impacting on negotiations over tickets in the forthcoming elections

Dasain's sacrificial lambs

#673 ( 13 - 19 September 2013 )
Who will be the scapegoats in Pushpa Kamal Dahal's threat to tackle internal corruption within the party?

Afraid of catching big fish

#671 ( 30 August-5 September )
Top politicians don’t seem to be the target of Lokman Singh Karki’s selective pursuit of the corrupt

Who will bell the cat?

#669 ( 16-22 August 2013 )
All political actors want polls postponed, but no one wants to come out and say it outright

Revolution comes full circle

#667 ( 2-8 August 2013 )
Until the contradiction within the Maoist party is resolved, Nepal’s peace process will not have closure

A federation of factions

#665 ( 19-25 July 2013 )
Almost everyting is on hold until the internal power struggle within the UCPN (M) is sorted out

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