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Bungamati Kumari in quake shelter

Sunday, May 17th, 2015

The Living Goddess of Bungamati, seven-year-old Smriti Bajracharya, has been living in a shelter in her hometown on the southern outskirts of Kathmandu Valley that was devastated in the 25 April earthquake.

Bungamati Kumari at earthquake shelter

HOLY FAMILY: Bungamati Kumari Smriti Bajracharya, 7, with her father Shantikar and mother Sajita who have been living in an earthquake shelter in the devastated town. Photo: Min Ratna Bajracharya

The Kumari lives with her parents, relatives and friends in a courtyard that houses 200 people who have lost their homes.

“She just sat there through the tremors when the first earthquake hit and she wasn’t the least bit afraid,” said the Kumari’s father, Shantikar Bajracharya who said he grabbed her and took her outside. During the aftershock on 12 May, Smriti Bajracharya was playing on a toy flute and kept on doing so despite the shaking which brought down the buildings that were weakened during the first quake.

The historic town of Bungamati was destroyed in the quakes, with both residential buildings and the main temple of Machhendranath damaged or brought down. Although the chariot of the raingod is intact in Sainbu, the temple was completely destroyed.

Temple priest refuted rumours that the jewel-studded ‘bhoto’ of Machhendranath has been stolen, and said it is in a safe buried in the rubble of the temple and hasn’t yet been retrieved.

Meanwhile, Smriti has resumed her classes at the Triratna Cooperative School in Bungamati.

Min Ratna Bajracharya

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3 Responses to “Bungamati Kumari in quake shelter”

  1. Ramashankar Sah on Says:

    Quake has made dire condition and caused savage distraction. So sad for nepal. Yet kudos to foreign agencies and government

  2. Marc McC on Says:

    I notice how things change for the Kumaris over the years. I notice the dear little Kumari has feet touching the ground, which again was not permitted before I think.

  3. Nepal's "Living Goddess" Probably Didn't Cause Its Giant Earthquake - Buzz And Gossip - Buzz And Gossip on Says:

    […] town of Bungamati — which has its own Kumari — the earthquake had shattered almost everything, including the house of its living […]

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