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BP Koirala has been handed over from army to police custody, and is no longer held under the Security Act. Things are more relaxed, but he is still in solitary confinement. He is worried about doctor's orders not to drink tea, since he had turned tea preparation into a ritual in his cell. He is produced before the court again, and is happy to meet his relatives. When it is time to go, young Manisha hangs on her grandfather and insists on going to jail with him.

Wednesday, 27 April 1977
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Thursday, 28 April
BP 130/80

Dr Shrestha (police + jail doctor) saw me + has prescribed some medicines for throat + liver + digestive disorder. He is a homely type of person, not inspiring great confidence as a doctor, but a man with common sense and like Pinaky Babu believes in minimum medication. He introduced himself as police doctor + I asked him whether he was in charge of the prison also.

He said: yes. Then I asked him about Shailaja. He said: who Shailaja? I said: Acharya. Then he said his assistants visit the jail regularly. Obviously he was reluctant to tell me about her. Otherwise there was no point in him asking me in the 1st instance which Shailaja I meant. DSP informed me that the army was refusing to allow the police the use of the refrigerator at the colonel's place in the arsenal where perishable food meant for us needs to be stocked. The DSP didn't know what to do now. Sundarijal has no market, hence everything has to be brought from Kathmandu, even vegetables. The officer here is perplexed. The doctor has advised me to give up tea + coffee altogether because of my heart condition. This is a problem. I don't take coffee at all, but tea I need in the morning and in the afternoon, and I take it strong. In jail, this habit is reinforced. As a matter of fact I was not keen on tea outside altho I took it in the company of others. Since Sushila is extremely fond of it-addicted to it-I used to like it for her sake also. But here-particularly after GM was removed from this camp + I was made alone, I started taking interest in tea and its preparation. I have almost made it into some kind of a ceremony, and I enjoy every sip of it. The whole process takes me about 45 minutes to 1 hour in the afternoon. I take some biscuits + a piece of cheese along with it. I bring everything in a nice tray from the dining room into my study. All this I will have to give up-and without knowing what other alternative activity could be devised.

Friday, 29 April

Was taken to the court today. There advocates Ganeshraj, Kusum and Krishna Pd are defending me. I had about an hours private consultation with them. I showed them the statement that I have prepared. They approved of it. I told them that I would like the cases to be demolished on facts themselves-because I feel that the cases have been falsely framed or at least don't have sufficient basis on fact. I am particularly interested in the case of Capt Thapa in which I too am involved. Krishna Pd seems to think that we shouldn't take the stand on charges being framed because, in that case, the political character of the cases would be lost + those who are undergoing various terms of imprisonment would feel left out. I think there is some substance in his argument. But you also want to establish that previous decisions of the court have been based on insufficient materials-there has been no attempt at finding the truth before the judgements were handed down to the accused. I told the court today that I take moral responsibility for everything. Since I wanted to make a long statement [about] why I had given a call for revolution, the court was hesitant to record my statement. There was some stalemate, the discussion was proceeding when the court rose for the day. I have to appear again the day after. The judge permitted my family members to see me during the recess of 60 mt-Sushila, Rosa, Chetana, Kalpana, Sujata, Nona, Niru, Santosh, Sriharsha, Kalpana's daughter + Manisha. The small courtroom was full of them-Manisha always kept herself close to me + when it was time for them to go, she insisted that she wanted to stay with me in the prison. I had some difficulty inducing her to go home with Sushila. The police (DSP) provided tea + biscuits for all of us. The atmosphere was very friendly. Sushila told me that Chandra Shekhar had come + was leaving Kathmandu this afternoon. All our friends in India have sent us greetings. Chandra Shekhar perhaps saw the king who had high praise for me ("a great man") but who also said that he had difficulties about my release as a result of great pressure. Chandra Sh. Should have inquired what the king's difficulties were. Chandra Sh. wanted to meet Shailaja in prison, which was not allowed. I am full of excitement today. In the evening returned to the loneliness of the camp.

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