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Rally to go on despite threats

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Organisers of the Peace Rally scheduled for Friday have received threats of bodily harm, one of the organisers said on the condition of anonymity because of fear of further harm.

The banda-opposing rally, due to be held in Basantapur Darbar Square, was organised jointly by the Federation of National Chamber of Commerce, Professionals’ Alliance for Peace and Democracy and a host of others human rights and civil society organisations.

The organisers are currently holding a meeting in Kathmandu to decide whether to postpone the rally after one of the FNCCI members’ commercial property was vandalised by suspected Maoists.

Earlier on Thursday, YCL leader Kul Bahadur Sonam said his party would retaliate against anyone who dared to oppose the strike. “We will send YCL members to the place on incident, take the opponents in control, and make their names public,” he said.

His statement followed reports of locals up in arms against the banda in various parts of the country.

Update: The peace rally will go ahead as planned, it has been confirmed.

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6 Responses to “Rally to go on despite threats”

  1. binx on Says:

    i think the peace rally is desperately needed at this point of time. absolute neutral one.. intellectual one.. wise one. it should not react on someone.. its not going to help anyone at this mess. rather, it should be more proactive and positive, addressing our country and its prosperity as a whole, rather than stumbling on surfacing conflicts..

  2. The Strike Continues… « Musings from an American-Nepali Household on Says:

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  3. Rajan on Says:

    I would rather see a civil war than to be ruled by Maoists. It was a mistake to allow them all the time and space in the name of “Peace Process”. The Nepal Army should be given all the resources and authority to run over these terrorists.

  4. barun lal on Says:

    common,look at the clear blue sky and feel the freedom we deserve. This is the time we prove that we are not the puppets in the hand of these megalomaniacs. Lets rally together to break the ill fated illusion of these rotten pumpkins that they controll our lives.

  5. Wilko on Says:

    Nepali people: show that you don’t agree with the intimidation of Maoist! In addition, talk with the people who support the maoists because they don’t understand what they are up to. Bandas are a crime against humanity. These people organising the banda say that they come up for the poor and underpriviliged, but it is these same poor who are starving now, or having to make huge depths in order to get food. The people are abused to create power for some leaders. Opposing the maoist does not mean that you support the present government, but that should all be decided in a democratic way. Now there is no democracy at all. Show your wish for peace!!!

  6. ved in hindi on Says:

    Very nice post. I look forward to looking at a lot more of your stuff.

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