19-25 January 2018 #893

Tap on the app

Turkish passengers who download the airline’s new mobile app can get a 15% discount on tickets between 18 and 20 January. The redesigned app makes planning trips, purchasing tickets, using Miles, making reservations and seeing saved flights faster than ever, says the airline.

Qatar offer

Qatar Airways has extended its Global Sales Campaign for an extra three days, until 19 January, offering a 50% discount on fares across all classes to more than 150 destinations in the airline’s extensive global network.

Carlsberg Red

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its partnership with Liverpool FC, Carlsberg unveiled the limited edition Red Hop Beer at the Rox Bar Hyatt Regency. Red Hop is brewed using unique research and state-of-the-art technology.

Ride the Celerio

CG Motocorp has been offering test rides of the Celerio family car at its outlets across the country. The company says it has received positive responses from the 582 test rides done till now.

Motor apps

Karyalaya Ventures’ IT wing has launched two public transportation apps: MotorBhada for bus fares, routes, nearest location search, arrival search, live tracking of vehicles, live traffic updates, etc, and the B2B app MotorBhada Company, for any company, group or individuals who want to track their vehicles in real-time.

Terrano in town

Pioneer Moto Corp launched the new Nissan Terrano with 22 new features and fuel efficiency of 19.64km/L (MT). Prices start at Rs4,299,000. Also offered is a warranty of 1 year/20,000km and an extended warranty of an additional 2 year/10,000km.