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Kathmandu candidates

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

From the Nepali press

Bhasha Sharma in  19 April

Mayor1Nepal’s two latest political parties are the first ones to announce mayoral candidates in Kathmandu.

At a time when the NC, UML and other established parties look undecided over their candidates, journalist-turned-politician Rabindra Mishra’s Sajha Party and the youth-based Bibeksheel Nepali – both of which have never fought elections – have chosen two unconventional politicians: former secretary Kishor Thapa and 21-year-old student Ranju Darshana.

Thapa of the Sajha Party was an SLC topper, studied architect engineering and served as a top bureaucrat for 22 years. If elected, he says he will expand roads in Kathmandu, expedite the Melamchi and Outer Ring Road projects and introduce a 20-year energy development plan.

Thapa argues Kathmandu needs a political leader with administrative and technical know-how, and claims to be one. “I am familiar with each alley of Kathmandu,” he says. “As a bureaucrat I worked to develop Kathmandu as a bureaucrat. Now I want to lead the city politically.”

Ranju Darshana, Bibeksheel Nepali’s candidate, has none of the experience that Thapa boasts of. But she has emerged as a feisty youth politician after joining Bibeksheel Nepali three years ago.

Darshana was born the year the Maoist war began, and was just one-year-old when Nepal last held local elections in 1997. Raised by her single mother in Kathmandu, she says she suffered the mess created by bad politicians and joined politics to clean that up.

“If elected, I will work to make Kathmandu greener, pedestrian-friendly and a place where everyone can work and live peacefully,” says Darshana, a bachelor level student of development studies.

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One Response to “Kathmandu candidates”

  1. Shyam Thapa on Says:

    We do not need another duplication of Government Bureaucracy in our municipality please. We need more dynamic, vibrant and innovative people in Kathmandu to make it a more vibrant and habitable city. If given the choice between the retired, fired and tired candidate and the young, energetic and creative one I am sure the denizens of Kathmandu will opt for the latter. People always talk about expanding the roads of Kathmandu and some politicians take the credit of achieving that. But the fact of the matter is that we do not need road expansion by forcefully making the residents of the city homeless taking away the land without compensation. Although we boast of democracy and federalism the actions on road expansion were those of autocrats worse than those of Panchayat era. Hundreds of thousands were not compensated for the acquisition of land and reconstruction of the walls during the expansion of the roads.

    We need better traffic management systems, more one way vehicular movement to smoothen the traffic, more satellite towns, more honest officials, better governance in the municipality and wards, more service to the people, zero tolerance on corruption, more water supply, better sewerage, cleaner streets, more efficient waste disposal, and the list goes on and on.
    The city has recently gained the reputation of being named as Dustmandu from Kathmandu. We need implementation and regulation of laws and rules to bar vehicles emitting smoke like chimneys.
    As a senior bureaucrat in the Government and an aspirant for the position of Mayor the primary question is what did he do some thing noteworthy and extraordinary for the people of Kathmandu. The answer is nothing much and was just a yes man to the ministers during the tenure as a secretary to the position.

    Right now like the city the office of the Mayor is in a great mess. We need some one to fix the city’s eternal problems of Omnipresent potholes, traffic congestion, lawlessness, evasive corruption in the offices, inept officials, pollution, hopeless water supply, and so on. We need a Mayor who can lead the municipality to be an model of governance and management determined to stamp out the evils of the society like the present CM of UP, Yogi. The new mayor is going to be a change maker, a maverick who is going to light the tunnel which has been dark for decades.
    The future Mayor of Kathmandu is going to be selfless, dynamic, vibrant, people oriented, honest, sincere, diligent person who will keep people first and self later. Do we have such person in the city. The unfortunate answer is no. In the election it will be the people and development first and only the party later.

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