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Say no to indigenous states, Naya Patrika


Despite advocating for federal states in Nepal, I strongly feel that the country should not be divided based on ethnicities. Doing so would only invite further conflicts among people from different ethnic groups. For the past few years the issues of indigenous people have hogged the limelight. However, we must reexamine the very definition of indigenous because the category was created by people in power and does not represent the genuine desires of ordinary Nepalis. Therefore, state restructuring should be done in such a manner that will bring together resources from different regions and promote development of all groups.

Advocates of ethnic states. on the other hand, are not only uninformed, but they have also failed to take into account negative outcomes. For example treating the Tarai and Hills as completely different entities will only pave way for violence and discord among people who have lived in harmony for so long. The good news is that Nepali themselves are aware of what communal disharmony can lead to. This might be one reason why our country has had little ethnic strife despite our diversity.

1. Rockhange

Sorry to read this statement from Mr. Gurung, May be you do not understand indigenous ethnic people's aspiration and century old  sufferring based on caste creed, religion and gender? You have to read history and have more interactions with Janjati advocates as well. They are not bunch lunatic revolting just for fun. Read Dr. Harka Bahadur Gurung's books and memoirs for better understanding. Mr. Gurung, you have to understand that demands raised by ethnic minorities, dalits and others is a historical opportunity for us to secure better future for our and your children. Lastly, SHAME on you for going against you own people.

2. KianL
It takes a courageous person like Gopal Gurung to speak up when there are chauvinists like #1 ready to pounce on him for being a "traitor" to his "people". We need more people like Gurung to speak up that they are Nepali first. Mr Gurung is not denying the discrimination and exclusion we janajatis have been through historically, but he is wants to achieve that through political negotiation and not a suicidal fragmentation of the country in the name of ethnic federalsim.

3. who cares
i am one of janajatis, i strongly oppose ethnic federalism, ethnic based especial rights but i do want three or four development regions- slightly different from federalism.

i want to make those, who did not let janajatis or any ethnic progress, bullied pay, we should not destroy nepal in the name of making them pay.

4. Raj
True Mr Gurung. In history some kind of discrimination was certainly there against indigenous people and state had tried to institutionalize. it was only during Rana regime when segregation was rampant. PN Shaha had great respect to all people. His mission of expanding empire was not guided by communal motif. Otherwise he would not have waged war against Khas kings. Everyone should join hands to provide equal access of state resources to the marginalized community bt in the name of inclusion communal animosity should not be encouraged. Everyone should understand that most of the ethnic campaigns are sponsored by the agents of vatican city who are executing their masterplan of transforming Nepal into a Christiandom.

5. Raj
you are damn true Mr Gurung

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)