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Heads we lose, Tails we lose

#837 ( 16-22 December 2016 )
Separating hills and plains may lead to violence, keeping hills and plains together may also lead to violence.

Power Struggle

#836 ( 9-15 December 2016 )
If it was any other product, load-shedding of electricity would have been called what it is: black-marketing. 


#835 ( 2-8 December 2016 )
‘Government by the most incompetent elements of society’

21 January 2018

#834 ( 25 Nov - 1 Dec 2016 )
Nepal’s politics is sliding towards the edge of the cliff, and there isn’t much time left to meet the deadline for an elected Federal Parliament. 

Convenient untruth

#833 ( 18-24 November 2016 )
The emperor doesn’t like it when we point out that he is naked.

Tamashas over

#832 ( 11-17 November 2016 )
Nepal’s rulers still swing from one extreme to another: either needling neighbours needlessly or kowtowing to them

Commission for the Abuse of Authority

#831 ( 28 Oct - 3 Nov 2016 )
It may be better to scrap the CIAA since it is prone to being hijacked by politicians for vendetta

Tripartite tête-à-tête

#830 ( 21-27 October 2016 )
If Nepal doesn't set its politics right it will continue to be treated as a footnote to history

The republic of insomnia

#829 ( 7-13 October 2016 )
Nepalis face an epidemic of post-traumatic stress and sleep deprivation as the country copes with the aftermath of the earthquake and is tangled in endless turmoil

Unhealthy politics

#828 ( 30 Sep - 6 Oct 2016 )
Govinda KC is once more using hunger to strike at the heart of the mafia that runs this country’s medical industrial complex.

Not playing ball

#827 ( 23-29 September 2016 )
On the first anniversary of the seventh constitution in seven decades, Nepal is stuck again.

Yoga diplomacy

#826 ( 16-22 September 2016 )
Prime Minister Dahal said before his India visit he had the right ‘chemistry’ with Narendra Modi. But it may be the ‘physics’ he needs to get right this time.

Hungry ghosts

#825 ( 9-15 September 2016 )
With former enemies now in the governing coalition, it is up to civil society and the media to remember not to forget wartime atrocities

Patriarchy in the hierarchy

#824 ( 2-8 September 2016 )
The Tij fast by Nepali women could also be considered a one-day hunger strike against male dominance in our politics and society

Cartelling of carnage

#823 ( 26 Aug - 1 Sep 2016 )
The bloodbath on Nepal’s highways is a direct result of Kathmandu’s syndicated politics

Politically correct

#822 ( 19-25 August 2016 )
While the Big Four parties can paralyse the polity, they are also the only ones who can bring the country to a safe landing.

Order! order!

#821 ( 12-18 August 2016 )
The problem is not the democratic system, but the people who abuse it.

Party time

#820 ( 5-11 August 2016 )
Nepali politics today is run by a cartel of top leaders who shuffle the deck every once in a while so the same King, Queen, Jack and Joker land on top.

Second Coming

#819 ( 29 July - 4 August 2016 )
Pushpa Kamal Dahal will have to outperform KP Oli in all departments if he wants to resurrect his country and party. 

Kleptocracy kills

#818 ( 22-28 July 2016 )
The lethal politics of an ailing nation.
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