7- 13 November 2014 #731

Federal express

No political discussion in Nepal these days is complete unless you have uttered the f-word. When the talk around the family dining table turns to constitution-writing, as it often does, minors have to be sent to bed early because their parents start punctuating their sentences with “WTF” (What the Federification). In fact, not a second goes by without someone somewhere between Mechi and Mahakali arguing about the prose or corns of federalissimo.

So, to summarise: the NC and UML have finally agreed among themselves on a seven-state federal model demarcated along geography lines, and the Maoist-led 22-party alliance has maintained a 10-state model carved out along history lines. So, essentially, it’s all about geography, history and  arithmetic. The mule’s mole has it on good authority that the High Level Political Mechanics are not really stalled over the number and types of federal units, they are haggling about who should be prime minister the day after the constitution is insallah promulgated in January.

As far as the Ass is concerned, federalism is a no brainer. It doesn’t have to be complicated at all, and to assist in hastening a decision by the HLPM and CPDCC, we have visualised below the various options available for federalism in easily-understood graphics so as to make it quicker for His Highnesses to decide which one would be most suitable for us:

Wait for map slideshow to change

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