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A guide to Christmas shopping

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Join us for fair trade shopping for the holidays.

1. Bag it

If you have been on search for an alternative to replace your bulky leather bags, then these lightweight hand-woven bags are just perfect. Café Cheeno has a nice collection of handwoven bags (Rs 1,485) and satchels (Rs 200) made by Women Skills Development Organisation in Pokhara. Cafe Cheeno, Krishna Galli

2. Holiday wishes

No holiday season would be complete without sending wishes to loved ones. Designed and distributed by SAAR Nepal to raise funds for their elderly empowerment movement, and by UNICEF for children in need, these Christmas cards (Rs 45 per piece) will help spread cheer all around. Smile Wear

3. Candle warmer

Candle covers may not be the most talked about home accessory but once you take a look at these adorable ones knitted by homebased workers of SABAH Nepal, it will be hard not to buy one. At just Rs 90 a piece, this also makes for an economical Christmas gift. SABAH Nepal stores in Kupondole and Lajimpat

4. Christmas socks

Made from Nepali fabric, these Christmas socks (Rs 582-Rs 770) are a great way of adding that Nepali touch to the festivities. Dhukuti & Mahaguthi

5. Hot water bag cover

Loadshedding has taught Nepalis to be well prepared for any kind of crisis and to find various ways (some amusing) to deal with power cuts. Hot water bags are perhaps the most used staple of a Nepali household. And, if you have ever used one you would know a hot water bag cover is a must. Get these ones made of felt for just Rs 300. Sana Hastakala & Dhukuti

6. Wired

These iron-plated wire ornaments with beads (Rs 115 - 450) are the ideal accessories for your Christmas tree. The pieces are made by women workers of Nepali Shilpakala Udhyog. Sana Hastakala

7. Hand-painted calendar

With New Year around the corner, hand-painted calendar (Rs 99) such as these made of Lokta paper would make a timely gift for your ‘organised’ special someone. Smile Wear

8. Cardboard trees

Why cut down trees when you can have Christmas trees (Rs 350) made of recycled cardboard paper? Although not on sale, the ones used as decorations at the store can be booked and bought. Mahaguthi

9. Crockery

Ceramic tea pots, plates and bowls (Rs 400 - 600) made by workers in Newa Art Ceramics in Thimi. Cafe Cheeno, Sana Hastakala & Dhukuti

10. Puzzles

These wooden Christmas-themed puzzles (Rs 485) are perfect gifts for children of all ages. Comes in various designs. Sana Hastakala

11. Nettle shawls and scarves

Locally produced nettle shawls and scarves (Rs 1,635). Sana Hastakala, Smile Wear & SABAH Nepal stores

12. Dress in bamboo

Clothing made from bamboo fabric (Rs 1,500 - 4,200). The product is unique to Nepal and is immensely popular in the South Asian subcontinent. One standout feature of the product is that it keeps warm during winter and cool during summer. SABAH Nepal stores

13. Mithila mania

Jewellery boxes, mirrors, pencil holders, buckets, and more with Mithila art (Rs 45 - 750) made by women of Janakpur Women’s Development Centre. Cafe Cheeno, Smile Wear, Dhukuti & Sana Hastakala

14. Ceramic beauty

Made of ceramic, these Christmas decorations (Rs 25) are lightweight and are ideal if simplicity is your mantra. Sana Hastakala

15. Felt slippers

Slip into these comfy indoor slippers (Rs 1,200 - 1,300) made of environmentally friendly felt fabrics. Sana Hastakala


Where to shop


Dhukuti has a range of locally made handicrafts, home decors, ceramic crockeries, knitwears, jewelleries, especially launched for the Christmas holiday season. A retail store of the Association for Craft Producers, a non-profit organisation certified by the Fair Trade Organisation, Dhukuti provides design management, marketing and technical training to low-income Nepali craft producers, especially women workers.


SABAH Nepal is an organisation of homebased workers and has more than 1,100 members. These women produce fine quality accessories, home furnishing, apparel, and other hand crafted products which are sold in Nepal and neighboring SAARC countries. The organisation provides training in knitting, stitching and weaving to home-based female workers. The popular Village Café in Pulchowk is also run by members of SABAH Nepal and serves mouthwatering traditional Newari delicacies. Besides its Kupondole outlet, SABAH Nepal has also opened branches in Banepa, Khokana, Lajimpat and Pokhara.

City Museum

City Museum Kathmandu is showcasing jewelleries for sale this holiday season. The jewelleries are made by Nepali workers under the Himalayan Jewellery project initiated by Sano Paila and UK-based charity, Freedom Matters. The Himalayan Jewellery project provides training and employment to survivors of trafficking and the deaf.

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