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After Adityanath

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017

From the Nepali press

Sanghu weekly, 20 March

The naming of a Chief Minister in India is of little importance to Nepal. But Yogi Adityanath’s appointment as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has shaken up Nepal’s political sphere.

While secularists are suspicious, proponents of a Hindu monarchy are in high spirits. Adityanath, a firebrand Hindu cleric, shared a very close relationship with the Shah monarchs in the past, and has been advocating for restoration of a Hindu monarchy in Nepal. Hindu royalists are hopeful that the rise of Adityanath will help their cause.

Ex-king Gyanendra Shah has not spoken about Adityanath’s political feat, but the anointment of the head priest of Gorakhapur Math, the deity of the Shah dynasty, must have reassured him that he will reclaim his throne.

Not just the ex-king, some leaders of the NC, which backs republicanism and secularism, are also excited about Adityanath’s triumph. NC General Secretary Shashank Koirala is happy. So are Khum Bahadur Khadka and Laxman Ghimire.

Old NC leaders like Rambabu Prasain, PL Singh, Prakash Koirala and Debendra Nepali were preparing to launch a campaign for restoration of a Hindu monarch. They are now more confident about the success of their yet-to-be-launched campaign.

Keshar Bahadur Bista and other nationalists who feel that Kamal Thapa’s RPP use the agenda of Hinduism only for electoral gains are now on cloud nine. The RPP, too, feels emboldened now.

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4 Responses to “After Adityanath”

  1. Shyam Thapa on Says:

    Nepal also needs a leader like Yogi to lead Nepal to bring radical changes among the bureaucrats to be disciplined. As soon as he took office as CM of UP he has started a campaign to curb goonism, eve teasing, sanitation. He must be commended for starting programs with pro-people intention. Nepal needs the same, particularly in curbing corruption and bringing about good governance. What we see today in the country is degeneration and breakdown of law and order, corruption, collusive, coercion, in every office and project. People are simply fed up with the system where the ordinary citizens have to grease the palms to get minor things done. Yogi is a Hindu activist and is a very controversial person who can influence the Nepalese a lot. As long as he does good work no one will care about it, but we need some one like him to rule the country.

  2. Nasym on Says:

    Not only Nepal, the whole south Asia is afraid of modi Nepal rulers, , bangladesh is also knee bent before India to get blessings to remain in power.

  3. Yam Gurung on Says:

    #1 fact, because UP as nearest neighbour of Nepal have been facing all kinds of problems,human trafficking,drugs bullying,intimidation and illegal activities etc.
    #2fact,Nepal puppet and corrupt regeimes mind has been colonised by the”HINDUVTA” ideology of India???…

  4. Shyam Thapa on Says:

    For the ordinary citizen in Nepal it does not matter who rules the country. All that matters is good governance, peace, job opportunities, less corruption and basic needs like water supply, security, shelter which the government has failed to provide dismally. The country is a failed state, thanks to the creation of Nepal as a democratic nation. With Yogi as Chief Minister in UP with a population of 220 million I am sure he is going to bring drastic changes in governance, curbing goonism, corruption as he is a selfless person without any greed. Within a week after assuming office he has started tackling the evils of the society. Even if there is a spillover effect of 10 % of what he does in Nepal, particularly curbing corruption and improving law and order, it will be an achievement for us. The people in Nepal no longer care who rules as long as there is delivery of justice, peace, development.

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