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‘Stop killings’

Saturday, September 19th, 2015


Madhesi youths and activists staged a rally in Kathmandu on Saturday, urging the government to stop what they say is police’s brutality in the Tarai.

Madhesis affiliated to various political parties and organisations marched towards the Constituent Assembly (CA) hall in New Baneswor, where preparations are underway to promulgate the new constitution amidst a special event on Sunday.

They shouted slogans against the ruling parties and urged the government to withdraw the army from the Tarai, where an indefinite strike enforced by an alliance of Madhesi parties has crippled normal life for more than one month.

After the NC, the UML and the UCPN (M) drew boundaries of federal provinces in the new constitution, at least 40 people, including police personnel, have lost their lives so far. Most of the people killed in police firing are Madhesis.

Madhes-based political parties have rejected the new constitution, expressing dissatisfaction with boundaries of federal provinces and demanding their representation in all state organs and mechanisms in proportion to their population. They have demanded southern parts of Sunsari, Morang and Jhapa districts, which are now in the eastern province, in the Madhes province.

Upendra Yadav’s Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Rajendra Mahato’s Sadbhavana Party, Mahantha Thakur’s Tarai Madhes Democratic Party and Mahendra Yadav’s Tarai Madhes Sadbhavana Party, besides a few others, have threatened to burn the new constitution when it is promulgated.

Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar’s MJF (D) was the only Madhes-based party that signed the 16-point deal, the blueprint for the new constitution. But in the wake of the Tikapur violence, Gachhadar also parted his way from the NC-UML-UCPN (M) alliance. The three parties had nearly struck a fresh deal with Gachhadar on Friday, but negotiations fell apart when the NC and the UML did not agree to mention Madhes and Tharuhat.

However, the CA has allowed the disgruntled lawmakers to sign the new constitution till Sunday afternoon, giving some more time for the three parties to negotiate with Gachhadar. But other Madhesi parties are unlikely to reach an agreement with the three parties.

Although Madhesi parties have boycotted the constitution process, 67 Madhesi lawmakers from the NC, the UML and the UCPN (M) have endorsed the charter.

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5 Responses to “‘Stop killings’”

  1. Professional on Says:

    The rulers talk about redrawing the province lines after the constitution based on recommendations of federal commission. Same could have been done by initially marking the boundaries as per the aspirations of Tarai people and then letting the federal commission to have a more realistic look. Why so many of Tharu/madhesis have to die and Tarai be Nazified for the constitution of nepal to be born.

  2. Balawant Kurmi on Says:

    But the weak government adding much more army in terai.

  3. kg on Says:

    About a decade back, even the army and police were unable to lay hands on so many maoists compared to the number of people killed in tarai. The reason being simple – they were all related one way or other. Why should the security forces be emotionally bothered when they don’t have any kin or kith in Tarai. The big four – NC (Advantage taker), Uml (ethnic cleanser), Maoists (terrorists ) and security agencies (killing machine) have to do this to maintain power other technology capable tarai people would replace them.

  4. Ravi Raj Kaur on Says:

    Since we do not know whom to trust it is very difficult not to be confused. International news tells us the forgotten people are seriously forgotten again. It smells of retaliation, the complication being that all are equal in one day does not go that way.
    You cannot give gay rights ok but poor people go to hell.
    so again detail is lovely and main thing missing. Negotiating means they put federal which is a maoist thing but the essence which is INCLUSION is not available.
    What should be our next step as media? Prevent violence include inclusion by legal means no one more suicides. Thank you.

  5. Radha krishna Deo on Says:

    Every Madheshi, Muslim, Tharu or Dalit of Madhesh respected the law order as well as constitutions practiced before the current constitution but few Hippocratic leaders of hills and Terai beefed the situation where 44 Nepalese were killed in violence of last 40 days fueled by crude administrator in the direction of these politicians. The crux is few past negotiations and respect the community !!
    Obviously the brutality will cross the limit the case may be reflected as Bangladesh !!! The circumstances are in the hand of visionary leaders how to direct and drive new constitution for urgent amendment !!!

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