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PM Khanal addresses nation

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal struck a conciliatory tone in his address to the nation Friday evening, acknowledging the difficulties his new government and the peace process were facing.

PM Khanal, speaking as rivals within his own party, UML, and UCPN (Maoist) continue to lock horns over the allocation of key ministries in the new government, expressed confidence that he would be able to commence work on integration and constitution writing in a few days.

Khanal called for democratic and republican forces to stay united against those who would block the institutionalisation of the revolutionary changes of the last few years. He also called upon these forces to help the Maoists themselves hold to their commitment to peaceful politics.

Specifically, he reached out to Nepali Congress, suggesting more would be achieved if they joined government rather than stayed in opposition. The prime minister also asked the media and the bureaucracy for their cooperation.

While insisting that there were no ulterior motives behind the controversial seven-point agreement he signed with Maoist Chairman Dahal (prior to being elected as prime minister), Khanal warned against those who might take advantage by making too much of supposed rivalries within and between parties. But by mentioning on two occasions the fact that he was speaking as someone elected to the Constituent Assembly, it appeared Khanal could not resist taking a dig at his predecessor and party colleage Madhav Kumar Nepal.

In closing, Khanal noted that as the son of a farmer from the east of the country, he had no private motives left to pursue. “If there is anything left for me to achieve,” he said, “it is to pay off my debt to my motherland.”

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10 Responses to “PM Khanal addresses nation”

  1. DG on Says:

    Confidence building is the way.
    IAgenda one..

    Let every party abjure and renounce volence together announcing in public and signing a manifesto in the open atmosphere of Tundikhel.,to save the face of Maobadis.
    2 Agenda two.
    Let all parties renounce one party system , or dictatorial regime. Commit for true democracy not sham or bogus democracy as the future system. Mention a few countries as model.
    3 Agenda three.
    Commit to adopt universal declaration on fundamental rights with full explanation.
    4 Agenda four.
    Rule of law ,separation of power.
    5 Agenda five .
    Inclusive society ,equality of opportunities. for all. Economic and social justice.
    These are a few must.
    We can then write the constitution in time.

  2. NAGRIK SAMAJ on Says:

    Thank to you “only Nagarik” / public Representative for Response on line. We are waiting for daylight. Not ant artificial, thanks to think tank evolve with you.

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