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Football dreams dashed

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Except in judo, Nepal’s lackluster performance in 11th South Asian Games continued on the 4th day of the Games on Monday.

Nepal’s Rajan Joshi won a bronze in 100 plus weight category in judo. Joshi won against an Afghanistan player but lost to Pakistan and Bangladesh judokas.

In soccer, Nepal’s hopes of winning a semifinal berth in the 11th SAG were dashed after Maldives outplayed Nepal 1-0 at Bangabandhu Stadium in Dhaka. With two consecutive defeats, Nepal has lost the chance of winning a gold in football. Nepal will play against Bhutan next.

Maldives got a lead in the 17th minute with captain Umar Mohamd scoring from a spot kick. Defendder Robin Shrestha touched the ball inside the penalty area after keeper Bikash Malla tried to release the ball from his grip. The assistant linesman declared Shrestha’s action foul and awarded a penalty to Maldives

Nepali players upped their game but failed to level the score. Anil Gurung missed an easy opportunity as he hit wide of the post in the 34th minute. Gurung had to beat only the Maldives keeper.

Keeper Malla saved a penalty kick taken by Maldivian captain. Referee Ali Hasan had awarded a second penalty to Maldives that was contested by the Nepali team.

The referee held his decision prompting Nepali players to stop the game for eight minutes. Nepali assistant coach Mrigendra Mishra was asked to leave the dugout for invading the pitch and asking his players to boycott the game. The match resumed after after ANFA president Ganesh Thapa’s intervention.

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4 Responses to “Football dreams dashed”

  1. Sushil Thapa on Says:

    Well, well, we have squandered yet another big opportunity to resurrect ourselves in football. Our latest setback against Maldives at the on going SAG in Bangladesh has put an end to our campaign for sure.
    With two successive defeats and a match to go against Bhutan, there is no way we can make it to the last four.As a staunch supporter, I am pained and sad at the manner in which the national team has been playing lately. It is a clear case of lackadaisical approach and inconsistency on their part.
    The matter of fact is that we tend to become lopsided when it comes to playing in big and important tournaments. We are unable to display killer instinct, cohesion and scoring ability.
    Undoubtedly, the team is loaded with talent but we have distinctly failed to show qualities either of a champion or winner in the last sixteen years, something hard to believe.
    Honestly speaking, I had pinned high hopes on the team and truly believed that we would finish with a medal. Now I realize how wrong I was. I only hope that we do not stumble against Bhutan.
    Much of the blame for the rapidly declining standards of Nepali football goes to the failed governance of All Nepal Football Association under the leadership of Ganesh Thapa.
    Long as Thapa and company continue to rule the football body it is unlikely that Nepali football will make a big U-turn for the good.

  2. Portlander on Says:

    I have always been a big fan of the Nepal team since the last time we won the GOLD in the SAF Games in Dhaka when we beat India in 1993 and yet hoping to see another day when Nepal wins a big final. But year after year the dissapointment continues. I did not see the match and may be there was some referee influence on giving the opponents two penalty kicks in a single game, or may be the Nepalese team were not the LAGANSHIL (hard working) BRAVE MEN anymore but instead turned out to be whips and cry baby, or may be the leadership and the football spirit is not in the hearts of the players and the fans anymore. What has happened? Me too…. with high hopes and faith in my country was went down in flames. After almost 16 years, we are not getting any where close to any signs of improvements. Is our football blood been mixed with the political blood of instability, corruption and goalless wanderings? What has happened I question everyone (the fans, the players, Mr Ganesh Thapa, Gita Rana, the kids who play soccer in streets, the coaches that inspire their school kids to win the school tournaments) again? It is time to pack your bags and return home, wonder the forest and work on your basic skills, get the team cohesion figured out, regain the spirit to fight back in any odds (even if the stadium is falling apart) and finally win games and boost the moral of an individual fans like me and the country. So rethink and the next time you play football make sure you know your responsibility and your commitment.

  3. Football dreams dashed | Headlines Today on Says:

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