25-31 December 2015 #788

Thai Ghar

For those craving for a hot meal and joyful music to stay warm in this biting winter, Thai Ghar is worth a visit

This week, as minimum temperature fell to low single digits in Kathmandu, we strolled through Jhamsikhel looking for a place that would serve us some delicious hot food and a menu not limited by the current blockade.

Tucked away in a dimly-lit backstreet, smack opposite the popular bar Moksh, Thai Ghar, is a two-storey modern restaurant offering some of the best Thai cuisine in town.

We chose to dine on the second floor from where we could overlook the band performing a floor below as we ate.

Asking the waiter for recommendations turned out to be futile as he began listing every item on the menu. So we started safe with Som Tam Thai (Rs 275), the famous Thai-style papaya salad which is made from unripe, sliced green papaya mixed with fish sauce and lemon juice. The salad here was garnished with dry shrimp, peanuts and red chillies. The hot and sour flavour of the sauces worked beautifully with the crunch of the fresh papaya and the nuts provided a nice crispy texture to the dish.

Next, we ordered Koeyteow Tom Yam seafood soup noodles (Rs 575) which came red, steaming, and looked appetising. We couldn’t wait to take a sip. Its sour tastes did not cloy, and its key ingredients, lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, dried chilies and lime juice, made for an excellent winter dish. We loved the fresh shrimps and rice noodles, but the dish would be even better if it were spicier.

After days of eating Indian curries, we wanted a different taste and ordered KaengKhiao Wan (Rs 475), a coconut green curry spiced with Thai basil. There are four choices for this one: chicken, pork, tofu and buff. The light, sweet curry mixed with bamboo shoot, eggplant and potato gave the dish a delicious flavour. The coconut curry was excellent.

What was as impressive (or maybe more) as the food was the musical trio, Triples. From Hey Jude to Rolling in the Deep, the band with their remix of old and modern classics and experiments with acoustic guitar, flute, and African drums provided good entertainment for its hungry clients.

It was clear that the restaurant paid attention to its ambience. The yellow light in the second floor was dim but pleasant and revealed the restaurant’s concerns for privacy and intimacy for its customers. The first floor was lit deep blue, just as most bars are. Beside the bar are open spaces with cozy sofas and tables which seem to be ideal for small gatherings of friends. The service provided by the waiter and waitresses is a plus: they were keen to help and were quick and efficient.

For those craving for a hot meal and joyful music to stay warm in this biting winter, Thai Ghar is worth a visit.    

Xiaotong Xu and Siran Liang

How to get there: Thai Ghar is in Jhamsikhel, right opposite the entrance to Moksh.

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