27 Feb-5 Mar 2015 #747

Tamarind Restro and Bar

Chilled place to watch live matches, enjoy jazz music or set up a business meeting

What used to be a car dealership nestled at the end of Jhamsikhel is now a lively eatery for food, drinks and entertainment.

Sit under the verandas in the patio to catch up with old friends, cheer on your favourite football team as they screen live matches, sway along with jazz music in the indoor lounge called ‘The Oath Room’, or set up a business meeting in the brightly lit restaurant space ‘Empress Dining’ adjacent to the lounge.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to order up an array of delectable dishes that Tamarind has to offer.

For starters, go with the Chicken Wings (Rs 350). The fried pieces of chicken marinated in a sauce, similar to a Korean red hot pepper paste dip, made for the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Appetisers like this are good for two or three, but the snacks platter (Rs 680) would be a better fit for a family.

It is easy to get spoilt given the array of options from Intercontinental to Thai and Mexican: Tamarind can do no wrong.

The Pork Chop (Rs 600) was well-seasoned and grilled till perfectly charred. Although it was slightly overcooked, the layers of fat left to render on the slab of pork balanced out the toughness of the meat. Though the dish was served beautifully on a bed of mashed potatoes and baked vegetables, Rs 600 seemed like a hefty price to pay for a dish that was relatively small in serving size.

If you’re looking for something delicious yet filling, opt for the Pad Thai or Chinese rice dishes. The Chicken Pad Thai (Rs 375) was a big serving with generous slices of chicken that made it well worth the price. The glass noodles were fried well, every strand was coated with a distinct Thai fish sauce making the dish very aromatic. Though fragrant, a little kick of chilli could make the dish more savoury and perhaps more palatable to most Nepalis.

Wash down the hearty meal with your beer of choice or a Tamarind cocktail. Happy hours last from 4pm to 7pm on weekdays, with special promotions for Ladies’ Night on Wednesdays. My advice is to go on Tuesdays, where you can watch salsa dancers take the dance floor.

Despite so much going on, the restaurant still feels spacious. You won’t get the feeling of other diners at the other table encroaching on your space or eavesdropping on your conversation. The whole restaurant has a relaxed vibe – waiters don’t rush you to order, diners are mostly young adults or families having a casual dinner, or groups of men catching their favourite football team while chugging beers.

If you’re looking for a chilled night out, Tamarind is the perfect place to be.

Cynthia Choo

How to get there: Tamarind Restro and Bar is located on Jhamsikhel Road, opposite Southern Comfort.