6-12 November 2015 #782

Phalano Coffeeghar

Phalano Coffeeghar is a welcome respite from the usually over-priced eateries around Pulchok and Jhamel.
Someplace Else by Sarthak Mani Sharma

Lately, we have spent much of our lunch hours simply looking for restaurants that can calm down our noisy gastrointestinal juices. All thanks to the ‘fuel crisis’. But on Monday, we were pleasantly surprised. We stopped by at Phalano Coffeghar with no intentions to write a review of the place, but were left so impressed by the restaurant we thought it would be a disservice to our readers if we didn’t write one.

For starters, Phalano offers almost the entire menu when the blockade has confined many to preparing just momos and noodles. The place has an enchanting ambience, too. With a bottom floor that is suave and an upper one that offers a great terrace-view of Pulchok, Phalano has an environment few can rival.

We began with the Coffeeghar Special Sandwich (Rs 275). Its filling of chicken was generous and all at the table agreed this double-decker sandwich was more than just satisfying. The sandwich scored high both on taste and portion size and we couldn’t wait to try more.

Our second order, the Spaghetti Carbonara (Rs 240) was a bit of hit and miss. While as with the sandwich, the restaurant was generous with the portion, we had a few quibbles. Bits of bacon was used sparingly, and it turned out, they were sprinkled only on the top. The sauce and cheese cloyed, overwhelming the taste of the dish and leaving the bacon in the sideline. If Phalano used less sauce and cheese and more bacon, the dish would be far better. But what little it faltered in taste the kitchen more than made up for in the spaghetti’s presentation.

It was easy to see that Phalano cared about how its food looks. When the Seafood Hakka Noodles (Rs 190) came, we were struck by its presentation. And luckily the taste matched up to the look: the noodles were spicy and tasted authentic.

By the end of our third dish, we were so full, we had no space left to try the Coffeeghar’s much recommended cakes. But knowing we would be back for more visits, we felt no qualms about foregoing desserts this time around.

​With its most reasonable prices and great atmosphere, ​Phalano Coffeeghar is a welcome respite from the usually over-priced eateries around Pulchok and Jhamel.

How to get there: Find Sajha Petrol Pump in Pulchok. Phalano is a few metres west on the same line.

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