20-26 February 2015 #745

F. C. Sports Bar

A pub that has the ability to rile up a roaring atmosphere during any game
Someplace Else by Cynthia Choo

Lovers of pub food and sports fans listen up – Five Crowns (FC) Sports Bar is the place to be during this Cricket World Cup. Illuminated by neon red and blue lights, the 500-seater pub has the ability to rile up a roaring atmosphere during any big game.

Be sure to order a side of Korean Wings to go with your beer of choice. Marinated in a “special FC sauce” that was reminiscent of a sweet barbeque dip, the chicken wings are a perfect compliment to any bitter malty beer.

Six drumsticks go for Rs 250 but I’d recommend you order the 12 pieces variety (Rs 500) straightaway, as the chicken pieces were small.

Those who prefer a spicier dish can opt for the Spicy Ginger Wings. The pub also serves a variety of other snacks like Honey Pork Chilly (Rs 300).

The mains, however, were not this sports bar’s strong suit. The Grilled Chicken with Mushroom sauce (Rs 400) was overcooked and was served with very little mushroom sauce. In addition, two small pieces of chicken could barely justify the price.

The Grilled Fish with Wine Garlic sauce (Rs 400) was a slightly better dish. The fish was grilled till crisp on the edges, and was cooked evenly throughout — something often overlooked when preparing fish dishes. However, the red wine and garlic sauce were a tad pungent and failed to compliment either fish.

Both the mains were served on a bed of chunky mashed potatoes. Personally, I prefer soft chunks of potatoes because they add texture to the dish.

Diners who love cheese will enjoy the Baked Fish with Cheese (Rs 400) and Macaroni with Bechamel Sauce (Rs 400).

FC Sports Bar also has a coffee shop in front of the bar where they serve lattes, milkshakes and juices. Detached from the loud cheers and hip music of the pub, one can relax with a cappuccino (Rs 150) and a delicious cheesecake (Rs 140). The balcony seats above the coffee house overlooking the quaint streets of Jhamsikhel are the best seats.

The best part about FC Sports Bar is that customers can order from the main menu even while seated in the coffee house, allowing diners the best of both worlds — you could sit on the balcony, enjoy a cup of coffee and order up some pub grub without the roars of men cheering, or you could join in on the fun at the sports pub with a drink or two.

How to get there: FC Sports bar is in Jhamsikhel, right beside Cafe Soma.