25 Sep - 1 Oct 2015 #777

Big Daddy

A zippy new place that serves mostly burgers and steaks
Someplace Else by Sarthak Mani Sharma

Tucked away inside the crowded Himalayan Java in Thamel is Big Daddy, a zippy new place that serves mostly burgers and steaks. Big Daddy though its name may be, the restaurant’s staff are avuncular and go to great lengths to make sure that the dining experience is pleasant and satisfying.

We headed off to the restaurant on a hot, humid day, so we had no qualms about ordering the homemade iced tea (Rs 130) and the lemonade (Rs 130). This summer, this reviewer has gulped far too many glasses of iced tea, but none has been so satisfying as the one this restaurant offers. The homemade truly describes the taste, nothing industrial about it: natural, aromatic and not overwhelmingly sweet. The lemonade, too, was refreshing.

We then ordered the restaurant’s special Chicken Burger with Bacon (Rs 400). Big Daddy lets you choose between a side salad and fries, and we unapologetically asked for the fries (the whole point of occasionally eating outside is not worrying about your diet). This burger, with its ground meat, bacon, melted cheese and mayo, was appetising, but lacked the richness of taste that other eateries we have written about earlier offer. To winkle out the deep flavours of the dish, Big Daddy could do well with patty that is less wet. The fries, though, are excellent, and we suggest that Big Daddy include them as a separate dish on the menu.

We then ordered the smoked pork sandwich (Rs 600). In thinly sliced pieces marinated with barbecue sauce and jalapenos, the pork was decent and filling. This time, we tried the salad, looking leafy and lush and fresh to the palate. After the sandwich we were at a loss of what next to order. Our only quibble would be that the pork included far too much of the animal’s fatty tissues, and prevented us enjoying the meaty parts. Big Daddy is pricier than other Thamel eateries, but is good value.


The ambience is probably also better in the evening, when the scruffiness of Thamel’s streets are subdued.  That is when Big Daddy’s bar should also be a magnet for night get-togethers. On Wednesdays, the restaurant also offers a ‘Buy one get one free’ of Kathmandu beer.

Overall, the restaurant is a modish new addition to Thamel’s ever-expanding food hub. A place for the hungry, huddled masses to head to. 

Sarthak Mani Sharma

How to get there: Big Daddy is located in Thamel, near Himalayan Java.