5-11 July 2013 #663

Tushita Restaurant

The menu is a mix of Nepali, Indian, Chinese and continental dishes, with a selection of popular Nepali snacks
Someplace Else by PM

It’s not easy to miss Tushita. Housed in a two-storied traditional Nepali building inspired by old Newari architecture, complete with oil tiles and beautifully carved wooden windows, overlooking a courtyard, the restaurant stands out in Lajimpat’s concrete jungle.

Taken in by the charm, we went in believing Tushita specialises in local Nepali cuisine. But like most restaurants in the capital, the menu here is a mix of Nepali, Indian, Chinese, and continental with a selection of popular Nepali snacks. Ordering only a plate of the good old chicken chili (Rs 220) for starters, we jumped straight to the main course. We were spared the usual ketchup-laden chicken chili served at most places around Kathmandu. The sauce was freshly done and had the right amount of spiciness. The chicken pieces were soft enough to cut through with a fork. Only glitch, in the last helping of my boneless chicken chili, I discovered a bone.


For the main course, we first ordered Tushita chicken (Rs 375). Tushita chicken is chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese with a serving of fries and salad on the side. The chicken breast was crispy on the outside but tender inside. A mouthful of the combination was heavenly. The mild taste of cheese worked well with the saltiness of the bacon and a generous amount of both had been used for the stuffing. The shredded bacon made it easy to cut the portion. The salad - fresh vegetables dressed with a dash of lemon - though was not too exciting.

Next, we had a chicken sizzler, served with fries and steamed vegetables (Rs 350). The sizzler looked great on the plate, placed on cabbage leaves. The chicken was grilled well and had a smoky taste. We could taste a hint of basil in the mild savoury sauce. The noodles were soft and complimented the dish.

Our next order was a classic macaroni and cheese (Rs 299), which took home the title of ‘most disappointing dish of the day’. What we tasted had the sweetness of cinnamon and resembled Nepali kheer more than the simple mac and cheese.

Tushita’s saving grace was the grilled chicken and cheese crepe (Rs 300), served with salad. Although the menu had a selection of sweet crepes, the savoury ones looked inviting. The crepe was surprisingly well done and not soggy despite a stuffing of the sumptuous chicken inside. Melting cheese on top, crisp crepe, and chicken with caramalised onions, the flavours worked wonderfully together. Even though the restaurant is right next to Lajimpat’s busy main road, it has a quiet ambience and the waiters are very courteous. Though unplanned, our lunch became a celebration of chicken and cheese. On our next visit we want to try Tushita’s Indian selection and traditional Nepali lunch set.


How to get there: head straight from Lainchor chok to Lajimpat. Tushita is on your right before you reach Hotel Shangrila.

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