26 April-2 May 2013 #653


With nice food, clean restrooms, efficient wi-fi, and peaceful surroundings, it’s a shame that more people don’t know about Furusato
Someplace Else by Sulaiman Daud

Legend has it that a baby born in Thamel could grow into an old man before sampling every eatery the tourist mecca has to offer. If he was in the mood for Japanese, though, he could try Furusato in Thamel chok. Located on the second floor opposite a travel agency, Furusato offers a nice view of a luxury spa outside its windows. Together with carved wooden tables and Japanese curtains hanging from the walls, it feels both authentic and welcoming. If you would like to sit and eat in the traditional manner, a large wood-panelled section with cushions and sunken seats lets you host a big party Japanese-style.

The menu offers a wide range of delectable dishes, focusing on seafood and fried treats, better known as tempura. From a range of starters, we picked the chicken karaage (fried chicken pieces, Rs 240). Although served with a generous helping of coleslaw and drizzled with fresh lime, the karaage wasn’t crispy enough to be called perfect.


However the salmon shoyaki (Rs 460) was a treat. Good salmon is hard to find in Kathmandu and although the piece given was rather small, it was worth the price. Fried lightly, the fish goes very well with the main dish, which will likely be either a rice or noodle bowl.

No Japanese meal is complete without the famous ebi tempura (Rs 460) and although the white batter could have been crunchier, the prawns tasted great when dipped in the light, sweet soya sauce.

The portions served for both the chicken katsu don rice bowl (Rs 250) and the curry udon noodles (Rs 460) were large and satisfying, enough for even a hungry diner. Although the steam from the covered bowl made the fried chicken in the katsu don a little soggy, the fresh onions, shallots, and egg omelette went very well with the sticky rice. The miso soup served together with the rice bowl complemented the flavours nicely. The curry udon noodles were spicy, but not overly so and a good choice to warm up during this spate of cold, rainy weather.

With clean restrooms, efficient wi-fi service, and peaceful surroundings, it’s a shame that more people don’t know about Furusato. Hurry down before the crowds flock to the place.


How to get there: as you walk down Chaksibari Marg in Thamel, look out for Helena’s Restaurant on the left, then turn into a small alley on the right. Furusato is located on the second floor of the yellow office building.