8-14 December 2017 #887

“Making irresponsible leaders responsible”

Nepali Times interviewed a cross section of voters about what they hope from newly elected leaders, and how the new Parliament should conduct itself
Shreejana Shrestha

More than 4.4 million Nepalis have left the country for foreign employment since the war ended in 2006. Those who stayed back have waited most of their lives for stable politics to create jobs at home. As voting finally ended on Thursday for three tiers of government under a new constitution, the fervent hope of most Nepalis is for a stable government to guarantee economic growth. However, there is dismay that the same old politicians may be elected again so that they can misbehave like they always have.

Nepali Times interviewed a cross section of voters about what they hope from newly elected leaders, and how the new Parliament should conduct itself.

Saurabh Jyoti Businessman

The peaceful entrance of Maoists into multiparty democracy was a great achievement of our peace process. Now we are in the final phase of the transition. With these elections I am very hopeful there will be political stability because we will have a government at least for five years. Power will also be decentralised to provincial governments. I hope this will lead to more even development throughout the country.

Pawana Shrestha

General Manager Nepal, Etihad Airways

I am very excited about the provincial and parliamentary elections. I believe the formation of a new Parliament will bring more stability to the country. We can see the new voices and parties with strong determination and commitment. This will help other leaders to be more accountable and responsible. When we have a responsible new government we can actually focus on infrastructure development and tourism development.

Govinda K C

Surgeon, Teaching Hospital

To be very honest I don’t think there will be a drastic change in the country after the elections because we are going to have the same faces that we had for many years. The leaders who betrayed the people will continue to serve in the government. The chance of having new faces in Parliament is very slim. But we know how to make the irresponsible leaders responsible towards the people and the country. We will do it.

Prithu Baskota

Cricketer, Nepal National Team

These provincial and parliamentary elections carry historical importance. I am hopeful that they will bring political stability. A stable government and a new Parliament will pave a way for overall development of our country, mainly in the service sector. In addition to this, I believe that the implementation of federalism will bring positive changes in delivery of services throughout the country.

Prashraya Ratna Tuladhar

Creative Director, Ads Market

This is the fourth time I am casting my vote, but I have yet to see any significant change in the country. After this election we will have a new parliament and I am hopeful that this will bring a stable government with opportunities for business and for everyone in the country. Nepal’s young people will not have to migrate for work if there is a stable government.

Deependra Tondon

Director, Business Advantage

With this election I hope that the instability that has plagued the development of Nepal for the last couple of decades is finally put behind us. I believe now the political agendas and issues will take a back seat, and we can actually concentrate on a more stable government which will lead to more economic growth and the development of Nepal.

Angel Lama

Activist LGBTI rights

We will soon have a new Parliament, and hopefully it means stable government that paves the way for development. There will be new gates opening for the LGBTI community as well.