11-17 July 2014 #715

The Lego Movie

Sophia Pande

Believe it or not, The Lego Movie is more or less the The Matrix – but with millions of Lego figures. Once again, Hollywood, seemingly having run out of all original intellectual property, has turned a beloved toy into an animated film. Fortunately for us The Lego Movie, while culling heavily from The Matrix, actually has a rather wild sense of humour.

While played by the robotic Keanu Reeves saying “I know Kung-Fu” in the nineties film, the Lego version of Neo, is played here with verve and tongue in cheek hilarity by Chris Pratt and is thankfully named just plain old Emmet. Emmet is a cog in the wheel of a seemingly utopian Lego land where “Everything is AWESOME”. That is until it turns out that he is the unsuspecting, clueless “one” who is destined to find the “piece of resistance” and save all Lego Land from being…wait for it…glued down by Krazy glue.

If you think all of this is very silly, you are right, it really is. But if you choose to embrace the silliness, you and your children might be delighted by the clever post-modern hodgepodge that is skillfully stitched together to make this ultimately delightful film.

I will not say that this film will actually edify Lego lovers. While it tips its hat to all the intrepid, young, creative builders, this film is really just Warner Bros. attempt to tap into the highly lucrative children’s market. Fortunately the writers of the film, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, have maintained a keen sense of humour at the banal task they were given – going all out by poking fun at themselves and pretty much every single other franchise including Batman, Superman, and of course, The Matrix.

The Lego Movie is also a testament to the ongoing phenomena that even highly trained actors will jump on a bandwagon if it’s well written enough, and made for children. The film boasts a cast including Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

Despite my persuasions, if you continue to feel that this film might still be too painful, go to hear the snappy jokes that will catch you unaware and make you laugh out loud. Then of course, since I must do my all to keep the adult’s attention, ladies and gentlemen, there is a cameo by Hans Solo and Chewbacca. Yes, yes, they are Lego figures, but honestly, who cares, right?

The sequel to The Lego Movie will be out in 2017.

The Lego Movie trailer

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