15-21 February 2013 #643

Working outside the box

Modern, comfortable, and inviting office spaces will keep employees happy, boost their productivity

Gone are the days of bulky wooden tables and chairs picked from the local carpenter’s workshop. Companies today want their office space to reflect their corporate culture, and are willing to splurge on stylish yet comfy furniture and decoration because after all happier workers are more productive workers.

“The demand for practical and low maintenance office furniture is at an all time high,” says Hitesh Golchha of Fusion which imports its hardware from the German company Hettich.

As land values soar and space becomes a premium, optimising workstations for maximum efficiency is the primary concern of most business owners. So showrooms across the Valley not just supply material and customised packages, but also have professional designers who guide clients from the start to finish and help them make the most out of what is available.

Most businesses today are housed in rented apartments and it’s a waste of their time to hire 15 people who will take a month to set up the place. Efficiency is the key. “Owners would rather pay a little extra to a professional designer who can have the office ready in two weeks,” says Jacqueline Silvers of SB furniture which imports easy-to-assemble furniture from Thailand.

Today’s workforce spend almost one third of their day in the office. So investing in modern, comfortable, and inviting office spaces will not only keep your employees happy and boost their productivity, but also generate more profit in the long-term.

Bhrikuti Rai