30 Jan-5 Feb 2015 #743

Writing on the wall

YOUNG SCRIBE: A girl writes on the wall of a temple in Swayambhu on the occasion of Saraswati Puja on Sunday honouring the goddess of learning.

No, the sky did not fall on 22 January. But the blame game went into high gear as top leaders tried to deflect public anger over the delayed constitution at their rivals. Both sides know that they have no other option but to negotiate. After destroying parliamentary furniture as a pressure tactic, the opposition Maoist-Madhesi alliance has decided not to boycott the CA and its delayed-action street stir is half-hearted. The ruling coalition led by the UML’s KP Oli is pressing for a vote not necessarily because they want to carry through with it, but as a deterrent to force a consensus. The coming week will tell if all this brinkmanship will finally yield a constitution.