8-14 February 2013 #642

Magic Show

The top secret new ‘formula’ to set up an election government led by the Chief Justice that the Maoists formally proposed on Thursday at their General Convention in Hetauda is not likely to find takers.

Constitutional lawyers and opposition parties flatly rejected it saying it was the latest move by the former revolutionaries to undermine the independent judiciary. Others said it was a red herring to allow the Maoist-Madhesi coalition to buy time and postpone elections. The proposal is expected to be bitterly attacked at a big rally that opposition parties are organising in Kathmandu on Friday.

“It is unconstitutional, it is against the separation of powers of the executive and judiciary in a democracy, and it won’t resolve the deadlock,” political scientist Krishna Khanal told Nepali Times.

Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal told reporters in Hetauda that there was a ‘conducive atmosphere’ for the appointment of the Chief Justice to head an election government. Opposition figures and lawyers say the Maoist proposal could also be a ploy to let the deadline for holding election by May-end lapse so the coalition can stay on in power.

Sunir Pandey