17-23 October 2014 #728

Pearls before swine

Prakash Dahal, son of UCPN(M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Facebook, 11 October

I only wish people did more research before commenting on my pig farm. Some friends seem to be stuck in the past. Some say Bahuns shouldn’t be farming pigs. Some say I am showing my worth. Some say black money, some say it’s because politics did me no good. I thank you all for coming up with comments that display your own abilities, but I wish to especially thank some people and say the following things to them:

1.  This is an age of equality, where you don’t look at caste, colour or gender. If you are the type that stirs up ethnic discord, you must be from another planet. And that is that.

2.    There is such a thing as dignity of work and I don’t think work makes anyone greater or smaller. Are all the world’s animals worthless? Are pigs worthless? Is it right to mock farmers like this? Apart from being the world’s most respected profession, agriculture is also the traditional line of work of most Nepalis. People who keep their backyards barren are trying to lecture me about my capacity and worth.

3. Some say I kept 10 sows to legitimise my black money. I would like to challenge these people to look everywhere for black, red, green, yellow, or any other colour of wealth that is in our family’s name. They can take everything for themselves if they just give me Rs 100,000. With that money I would buy four more sows and expand my farm. Use your heads. I don’t know about other people in the party, but if you find any trace of my wrongdoing I will gladly kill myself. Please, my Facebook friends, find out my black money.

4. I am not a senior leader of a party. I have been walking around the hills with our people’s militia since I left high-school 14 years ago. I am only a cadre and I will remain in the party and work for Nepal’s benefit as long as I am breathing. I have nowhere to go except politics. Is it sin for us in politics to be creative in other ways? How do you think we earn? Where does the money to study abroad come from? I am farming pigs in my free time so that I don’t have to beg from anyone. I don’t have a degree in my hands.

I also want to discourage youngsters from mortgaging their land and going for overseas labour. Instead they could use that money to invest in their own land, work four solid hours everyday and watch gold grow out of the land. Is it not more dignified to work four hours a day in Nepal than to be treated like an animal for 18 hours in the Gulf? When I see barren fields and villages empty of youth, I despair. My ambition is to show these youngsters that it is worth doing something right here in Nepal. If youngsters want to try out agriculture, we must respect their choice. Rest is up to you.

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