5-11 December 2014 #735


Himal Khabarpatrika, 22 November

Although Sherpas are synonymous with mountaineering, Pemba has made her community well known in Europe for singing talent as well. Originally from Solu Khumbu Pemba Sherpa has brought out several albums in Nepali and Sherpa language and makes it a point to visit Nepal at least once a year to do her recordings here.

Pemba didn’t stop singing when she moved to Europe. Now living in Spain, her popularity has spread far and wide, and she is the star attraction in shows in Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium and other European countries.

It’s great that I can actually make a living with my singing career even in Europe,” says 38-year-old Pemba. “It helps that there is a sizeable Nepali community in European countries.”

Having trained under the tutelage of music gurus Sambdev Sapkota, Shila Bahadur Moktan and Chandan Shrestha, Pemba’s popularity is now so great no program organised by Nepalis in Europe is complete without her singing presence. 

Says Pemba: “People find it strange that a Sherpa can also sing, and that has provided encouragement for me.”